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Cody also remembers the old times when they teamed up together to deal against the Mad Gear gang and Lucia realizes that Cody is the same mayor who deals against people who do the shady work at night by making hands-on in his business. Lucia was possibly inspired by real life martial artist and martial arts movie star, Cynthia Rothrock, who was active around the time of Lucia's creation. Having been originally leaked in July 2019,[3] Lucia, along with E. Honda and Poison, was confirmed as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, marking her debut in the Street Fighter games and her first playable appearance since Final Fight 3. ". This means you get all the benefits of Lucia's EX moves without spending meter, making her combos significantly stronger. Lucia Discord. 0 Comments. "(Character Story Mode) Upon returning home, Lucia was horribly shocked that she forgot to eat her ramen noodles for lunch and her noodles are revealed to be overcooked. Blood type Wakako Taniguchi (Final Fight 3)Rika Tachibana (SFV) Lucia was enlisted by Cody to take care of other things with Poison, and eventually began a heart to heart discussion with her after learning Poison had a fall out with Hugo. Lucia's outfit in the game consists of a blue long sleeved mini jacket with police emblems in each sleeves, folded into her cuffs. Self-taught kenpō and self-defense techniques, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition – Lucia Gameplay Trailer, SFV Character Introduction Series – Lucia. Can sorta chase backrise. English voice actor(s) In Street Fighter V, Lucia's hair has grown into shoulder-length with fringes in each sides and is tied into a small ponytail. This outfit is her "… This was confirmed with her. She later made her Street Fighter debut as a playable character in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Lucia wears sunglasses and wears a black cap with the sign "MPS" (Metro Police Station) at the center of her cap. Juri's official measurements in Street Fighter IV were B83/W56/H85. Her eyes being brown seems to be an awkward lighting or artistic choice as it seems her eyes are naturally blue in her Street Fighter appearance. view tutorialCreate a ~mods folder in StreetFighterVContentPaksPut the .pak file in the ~mods folder. You don't get your EX run activations, which already makes this VT weaker in comparison. Street Fighter Alpha's Birdie also topped Gameist ' s list of the 10 "lamest Street Fighter characters ever conceived". This model was done as a commission The Model Includes: - Valvebiped Bones - 30+ Facial Flexes - 3 Bodygroups [Glasses, Hat, Police Stick] - Separate Models for Glasses , Hat and Police Stick aswell - 4 Meme Flexes 5'7½" (172 cm)[1][2] First Game profile artwork, she wears a similar outfit, except that her bra is now white and her gloves are blue. You can from the baton into a special, making it a good combo extender. Street Fighter Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Behind this smile however is her inability to do housework, most notoriously cooking, exaggerated to the point that she possesses the bad cook trope found in some prominent female characters, be it game, anime or anything in between, where her cooking is so bad it is humorously poisonous, (it made Cody puke). April 1[1] Some of her kicking abilities in Street Fighter V bears a resemblance to Blair Dame's Shooting Kick when she pulls off her combo against her opponents and other being Chun-Li's own special attacks. Lucia quickly became quite popular among the Street Fighter 5 playerbase following her launch in 2019 which has in turn led to the modding community … Brown (Final Fight 3)Blue (in her sprites and in Street Fighter V) In her win quotes it is shown that she shows respect to Cammy and Guile, (due to their occupation in the military) and Chun-Li (whom she calls the "protector of peace"). Add a photo to this gallery. Rival(s) That makes her the third playable female character from the United States, after Street Fighter IV's C. Viper and fellow Final Fightalum Poison. Lucia is an agile fighter who utilizes kicks in most of her attacks.

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