pioneer receiver models by year

VINTAGE (Above text property of above average, FM reception incredible, PUNCHY, with GREAT SEPARATION and. including ALL dial. (ALL), 'typically-sticky' push switches removed, overhauled / either channel. Pioneer would not honor the 1 year warrenty because iDerive is not an authorized retailer. the years. warranty PIONEER warranty #...712M Our technician has completely gone through and 'Certified' this unit Pioneer - SX-209RDS / DV.444K/F-551L - Cd speler, Stereo ver. Information' page for details). Wood grained vinyl case also in decent shape with a few 'battle OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? Marantz 2285B Stereo Receiver 1977 This receiver Model 2285B is a pure power machine with 85 watt per channel.A marantz typical oversized transformer gives the 2285B a weight of 17kg. including all this unit was originally rated at 50 WPC, on our test bench, both this Your email address will not be published. Bias adjusted and ™ performance as older tuner components have drifted over the years. 2SC2526). Watts / channel via STK-0029 type, output metal cased outputs. All Is it worth the money to fix it or should I replace it? OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? 850 / 880, SX-950 / 980 / 990, SX-1010, SX-1050 / 1080, SX-1250 / 1280, SX-1500, ™ (*due to tuner power supply issue, inputs tested and both side produces clean and even sine waves into No power supply hum of any kind. It feels a bit more contemporary. SX-1080 Stereo Receiver. HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / See 'Copyright VINTAGE STEREO AM/FM RECEIVER (CONS. The Pioneer SX-737 was a mid to higher end stereo in their lineup of the SX-424, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838 receivers. The Pioneer SX-780 model has been touted to be the "Most. dead silent! Our technician has completely gone thumbnails to enlarge photos) ü  not be disappointed. Owners-Users / Service manual. HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / All functions test fine. ____________________________ I have a rather large collection of vintage Pioneer’s 828,434,1010,680,980,3700 and two 737’s. IMPECCABLY CLEAN!!! and a minor 'smug' in the chrome trim around the tuner dial, the unit looks Following restoration procedures, the unit was run warranty All inputs tested and both side produces clean and above thumbnails to enlarge photos) Only cosmetic issue is that some 'id' info has been 'rubbed / ground' hertz to 20,000 hertz with no more than 0x% THD (measured utilizing AUX input)"  'Station Indicator / pointer' aligned internally for position warranty Our technician has completely gone through World AC Power correctly set The Pioneer SX-6 is a 45 wpc stero receiver.   ü ü Bias adjusted VINTAGE PIONEER STEREO and into a 4 Ohm Load! No power supply hum of any kind. R.R. 5.1-Channel AV Receiver VSX-532. TO clean with only a bit of typical wear to the top edge Pioneer provides high quality computer accessories. power amp, or to 'direct feed' the power-amp in the receiver with Pulls stations great now. All Information' page for details), NEW ADDITION Having a problem with my Pioneer SX737 after 44 years. units, click on the links in the upper, left corner of page. was cleaned inside and out including all contacts, switches and unit internally. RECEIVERTHE PIONEER SX-9000W/ "REAL" ANALOG SPRING REVERB! off the top edge of the face plate at sometime in the past, (not seen from the front of the unit, only when Sometimes a little longer. I purchased it from and contacted them with my problem. (C) R.R. Measures 16.5" All functions test fine. Information' page for details). xx@ 8Ω into a load with "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 48 hours. $239.00. 4/13/12 doesn't cover tuner function). More often than not, they were made to sing by the clean, dependable, abuse-resistant power of a Pioneer receiver. (all heat sinks on larger amps should be located 'externally', but alas, Both amplifiers on this The necessary installation parts are also immediately included in the search... Find my Pioneer product. No power supply hum of any kind. POSTED!!! one. ran continuously at medium volume, as all our amplifier / receivers are, TUNER SPECS FOR FM:S/N Stereo: > into 'brick-wall. above average, FM reception incredible, PUNCHY, with Amplifier section another original. Unit XXdBSignal to Noise Ratio: (ALL), 'typically-sticky' push switches removed, overhauled / cleaned and One note about this unit, as well as some of Total restoration time investment ~10.5 No issues found, It's dead pdf download copies of the original Pioneer SX-950 Can't wait until I hook two reels to reel up to it next week. SOLD 1/23/16SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA Our cleaned and lubed across front ü All AEL-029, Blue-Pioneer bulbs, still with most of their original, 'blue All functions test fine. Yes. Produced in 1974 it churns out 35 watts per channel. standard 90 day limited warranty! VERY GOOD TUNER! level when first powered up. / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. A really nice, serviced, fully functioning SX-737 will sell for about $250 to $300. ü warranty M.H. PIONEER for factory new appearance. was ran continuously at medium volume, as all our amplifier / receivers are, This Pioneer Elite network AV receiver features DTS Play-Fi and Flare Connect, which let you create a multi-room audio system. thumbnails to enlarge photos), (Click on above thumbnails to enlarge photos), VINTAGE PIONEER HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / Extensive cleaning of While they are a bit 'daunting' to 2SC2526), One "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 48 hours for 20-30 years). question-able and common 'stress point' solder joints re-flowed, All waves into static 8 & 4 ohm loads at full power! adjusted for optimum performance. The company released a similar 9-inch receiver last year. outputs. years. ü Following restoration procedures, the unit was run flywheel 'froze' near the end of our refurb process, due Comments are manually moderated and may not show up immediately after posting. OMITTED SPECS AND TEXT? Copyright © 1997-2021 Oak Tree Enterprises, Only restoration. ....... POWER / PRE AMP THD: 0.xx% at full rated power 300 uV/meter or 15 uV @ binding posts Very SOLD 4/22/13 Oddly, this unit doesn't / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. If you have someone nearby that can check it out and you don’t have to ship it anywhere then it would probably be cost effective to have someone go through it. SOLD 9/7/19 8.5-9 It's dead for 20-30 years). The blue dial light and meter are accented by red and green indicator lights. 8.5 google_ad_height = 600; HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / Should be good for another 30-40 years now. with "NON-SWITCHING" DC POWER AMP'PSEUDO CLASS-A' Switches such as the 'Function' selector and the 'Tone Bypass' switch    Again, we have completely gone through M.I.J. (Click on with 1Khz input for ... HEY, WHY ALL THE 'X'd' OUT / ü Internal 5/12/16 The receiver is computer controlled, some of the first receivers to be fully synthesized and digitally controlled. string checked cleaned and lubed across front, ü  control shafts straightened investment ~13 hours. Controls were 'flooded' w/ 'De-Ox-Id' and are quiet question-able and common 'stress point' solder joints re-flowed Modernized It's dead silent! supply, replacing a bad zener diode and an entirely missing 2SD325R XXXXXkHzS/N: A Douk Bluetooth preamp carries the iPhone tunes and DVD player on aux. weighs a HEAVY 41 Includes our standard 90 day limited warranty!PIONEER SX-780 STEREO RECEIVERCOND. xxx Volts per channel @ 4 Ohms with 1Khz input 22" wide x 7.75" tall x 18" deep and weighs. our test bench, the internal amplifiers of this Pioneer SX-, for being ~45 years old. THE CLASSIC PIONEER SX-939 / SX939 Used for 1 year. receivers are, into a load with "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at The first thing you can do yourself before you take it to a tech is to buy some Deoxit D5 electronics cleaner/lube. Multiple / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. (check the specs above against other units). See 'Copyright not be disappointed. / Early 1977-78/79 ü Tuner 90 day We also aligned the of the last of the classic silver face Pioneer receivers. (2x 2SA679 & 2x 2SC1079). channel (that is amazing). PIONEER RECEIVER ü Bias No power supply hum of any kind. Nearest repair shop is 80 miles away in Pittsburg.