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This ability’s damage per GCD surpasses the following abilities after the following number of targets are hit with one use of the ability and assumes you are taking the Tempest Mastery utility: Chain Lighting (Force/Energy/Direct/AoE/Casted). Its force cost is extremely cheap and its damage is decent. It’s really important to note that Lightning Bolt does not deal more damage than other less rotational abilities like an unprocc’d Shock or Force Lightning, so you won’t lose DPS if you replace it for another ability if the other ability has a more desirable trait. Recommendation: Take this on specific fights only. I do swap out my tactical with great frequency on my lightning sorc. If you need to reduce the accuracy of something, other classes have far better ways of doing this. Consider it a defensive cooldown just like any other that just so happens to work by providing you with a lot of HP. The Lightning Sorcerer is a ranged burst DPS class that offers good raid utility, is quite tanky for a DPS, and is currently one of the top damage specs in the game. However, it does have a few benefits that make it worthwhile to use on occasion: I want to thank Zab, Zanwell, and Cortell for your invaluable feedback on this guide, you’ve all been (and continue to be) fantastic competition in StarParse and inspire me to do better. Recklessness is used before Affliction because it puts the ability on cooldown sooner and Affliction will not consume a Recklessness charge because it isn’t direct damage. We lose huge amounts of damage by not taking Stormwatch from the start. While Crushing Darkness is on the target, it deals slightly less damage than Lightning Flash and Chain Lightning, but it doesn’t benefit from forks or Reverberating Force which increases the critical damage of some of your other abilities by 15%. It’s also worth noting that right now, we can’t actually surpass 40% crit chance with how much Alacrity we need, so there’s a very small chance that abilities that aren’t Thundering Blast won’t crit, though it won’t consume the charge either, so just be prepared. In PvE, this is much stronger mitigation than what you can get out of Unnatural Vigor, however it’s unreliable. This effect introduces a lot of RNG to the spec because it accounts for about 6% of your damage dealt and some of your other passives are dependent on Forking. Is that position going to be generally safe to return to? Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up Right after Lightning Flash or the second Chain Lightning in your opener are good times to use it and if you are having an issue continually, request that someone guard you and tell your tanks that they need to learn how to generate threat better because they should be able to keep aggro. As I mentioned earlier, this ability deals the same damage per GCD as Shock, Lightning Bolt, and a Lightning Barrier tick, so the full channel will deal the same damage as two casts of those other abilities. Your goal is to have your bubble survive long enough that you get at least one tick out of Lightning Barrier. Elemental Damage generally refers to fire based damages. Effect: Increases all healing received by 5%. Effect: Static Barriers you place on yourself erupt in a flash of light when they end, blunding up to 8 nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Lightning Barrier represents a significant amount of your total damage output; over the course of entire fights, it can easily account for 5%-7% of your total damage output, which is a ton considering the ability has an effective 20 second cooldown, longer than any other rotational ability, so damage per use is very high. Melee and Ranged are the easiest to determine, the attack is generally melee if it is coming from a lightsaber swing and generally ranged if it is coming from a blaster. Effect: Dark Heal increases the movement speed of the target by 50% for 6 seconds. Due to the Gathering Storm set bonus requiring us to use Force Speed on cooldown, our mobility is reduced significantly and it becomes more important to rely on Phase Walk for movement. Lethality operative is, probably, considered as the ‘that one’ that everyone hates or thinks that can’t do anything but that’s just because they never bothered to interact with due to the first impression it gives compared to the other, Concealment. Here is a comprehensive list of all the Tactical Items currently available in 6.0. Force Lightning is also very helpful in this situation, so it’s actually advantageous that Shock (and Force Lightning) do not grant all the other procs that Lightning Bolt does. Also, she knows Storm Watch is supposed to be better. The formula for determining how much damage an AoE ability does per GCD such that it can be compared to single target abilities is: (Damage Dealt/Number of GCDs) x Number of Enemies. It has slowly worked its way up from getting lost in the lava caves on the way to Gharj in EV SM to completing timed runs in nightmare. You almost always want to make sure that you use one of the charges of Recklessness on Thundering Blast, while it is an autocrit, it will still benefit as a supercrit, where the excess critical chance is converted into critical multiplier. Generally the healers are responsible for dealing with most of the cleanses, though there are a few instances where the DPS should help, like on Dread Council with Tyrans’ Death Mark. This is your mez, a CC ability that breaks on damage. Effect: Reduces damage taken by the target of your Extrication by 25% for 6 seconds after your extricate them. There is no real distinction between the Energy and Kinetic as well as Internal and Elemental, the two words are basically interchangeable from a numbers perspective and which word is used is determined by which is a more fitting descriptor. Elemental Convection Telekinetic Blitz / Volt Rush triggers Tidal Force / Lightning Storm when activated. Welcome to my 6.0 guide for Balance Sage In 6.1.1, Balance performs ever so slightly better on the training dummy than Telekinetics, though in actual combat, it will often perform slightly worse since it doesn’t synergize nearly as well with the Telekinetic Defense utility. I just hate to see a piece of gear unmodded. Since this buff can get consumed on Forked Lightning, if you know that you’ll be using an ability that will Fork prior to using Thundering Blast and you are confident in your high APM, try using Force Speed immediately after using Thundering Blast instead of before in these instances in order to ensure that the buff gets consumed on Thundering Blast. , 12:26 AM The effect cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds and lasts up to 15 seconds. Ft. Slide-In Electric Induction True Convection Range with No Preheat Air Fry and WiFi Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless at Best Buy. Welcome to my 6.0 guide for Telekinetics Sage! It can also be used on Force Storm if you need some beefed up AoE damage and that will only ever consume a single charge even if it hits more than one enemy. Recommendation: Always take this. I'll start out with Force storm to proc Chain lightning, which procs volt rush for aoe, which in turn re procs Chain lightning, then volt rush once or twice again. There are only a handful of instances in operations where CC is required, so I will briefly go over what the sorc has at their disposal. If you plan to use Force Storm at all during the fight, you should take this. The Energize effect can stack twice, with each stack increasing Volt Rush damage by 30%. Swtor Tartışma. If there’s ever any downtime or if you ever have to switch to attack something else, make sure that Affliction is on the target before continuing on with your rotation as it can often fall off. Even before 6.0, they were better at handling internal/elemental damage reduction than just about all the other classes because their damage reduction applies to all damage types while armor only works on energy/kinetic damage. Going forward, this means that Force Speed should be used after Polarity Shift instead of before in order to benefit from the cooldown reduction. Next time, Target A’s Affliction gets refreshed with Crushing Darkness and Target B’s gets refreshed with Chain Lightning and so on. Stormwatch – This is the primary tactical item you will be using for Lightning. You will also be taking GCDs away from whatever you’re supposed to be hitting, so don’t do this if it’s causing the sides/bosses to get messed up. How can I maximize my uptime? So Target A’s Affliction first gets refreshed with Chain Lightning and Target B’s Affliction first gets refreshed with Crushing Darkness. It is highly unlikely that a fight will last long enough where this delay will be enough to where it will result in missing out on a use of the Adrenal and most of the delay will end up being counteracted by the Alacrity increase from Polarity Shift anyway. In one of the more recent updates, they made it so you can see how much damage you’re absorbing with your bubble and how much health your bubble has, making it much easier to tell exactly how many ticks of Lightning Barrier you’re getting out of individual attacks and how many ticks you have remaining before your barrier dies, which helps you to minimize the damage you take if you’re standing in a circle you’re not supposed to be standing in. Changing the armoring of custom armor will change the armor rating and set bonus, if applicable. She isn’t looking for a debate on which is the better tactical to use. If Lightning Flash is not available immediately before or after Thundering Blast, Chain Lightning Should consume your second charge of Recklessness. Force Flash – This proc is built directly into the ability and reduces the activation time of your next Crushing Darkness by 0.5 seconds. FULLY UPDATED FOR ONSLAUGHT. To be clear, you’ll still end up using it before Thundering Blast. This chance is not increased by Chaos Nexus, but does benefit from the effects of Conduction. Armoring can be crafted with the Armormech and Synthweaving Crew Skills, purchased with commendations, or … In fact, it will have approximately a 33% uptime where your Alacrity will be increased such that you will have a 1.1 second GCD and deal 20% more damage with all of your attacks. The key to fixing this is not using any Lightning Bolts or anything else that procs Lightning Storm until you use Thundering Blast again. It’s still not enough to make it better than using these cooldowns on a more appropriate ability, but it does help you recover if you mess up. Madness does perform much better in AoE situations though since their Slow Mercy AOE tactical is far better than Lightning’s Elemental Convection, however Lightning is still one of the best burst specs out there for AoE thanks to its rotational AoE damage from Chain Lightning. Welcome to my 6.0 guide for Lightning sorc! Unless there’s a mechanic that prevents you from dealing damage or forces you to stop DPSing, you should not stop DPSing. Charged Reaction – Lightning Bolt increases your force regeneration rate by 10%, stacks up to 3 times (30% total). This ability also takes Force Speed off cooldown when it ends, if you take the Surging Speed utility (which you have to now thanks to the Gathering Storm set bonus), however this is not a good use of the ability in combat and it’s much better to save it for emergencies.

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