lta bus stop standard drawing

2-020 Drop Curb Driveway – Type 1 ... 7-100 Stop Bars . Our latest featured projects are just a click away! drawing no. Do not click the Back button or close this window. and the right turn storage lane length shall be increased to 120 ft. min. Only those bus stops that have a trash can and/or shelter are cleaned on a regular basis. [PDF 258 Kb], Standard Drawing 1912 - Mass Concrete Wingwall - Quantities Skew Multiple Pipe Culverts 1350 to 2100 Dia. the standard details of road elements (sdre) are applicable to all road ... drawing title bus stops bus bay (sheet 1 of 2) bus bay / layby for nparks' water tanker (sheet 2 of 2) bus bay details bus shelter - type a temporary use only bus stop layout & elevation planting requirement soil aeration (sheet 1 of 2) soil aeration (sheet 2 of 2) please liaise with translink for details on this requirement. Bus totem structure typical details - set out and slab layout plan PDF (798.6 KB) CS-3719: The design of bus stops shall be . Click here for more information. A bookshelf within the bus stop keeps commuters occupied while waiting for the bus with a range of books to choose from. In addition, bus stop placement throughout the … A Private Bus is used to ferry employees or people related to the business of the bus owner. ... LTA Parking Standards Zone Land Transport Authority / 14 Aug 2020 LTA adopts a zonal parking standard to determine the number of parking spaces that developments are required to provide. Width A design width of 3.1m should be used when designing bus infrastructure. [PDF 255 Kb], Standard Drawing 1892 - Mass Concrete Wingwall - Quantities Skew Pipe Culverts 1350 to 2100 Dia Types 1, 2 & 3 [PDF 63 Kb], Standard Drawing 1901 - Mass Concrete Wingwall - Types 1, 2 & 3 Skew Multiple Pipe Culverts 600 to 1200 Dia. A Project Bus Stop i… Read about how LTA has stepped forward during the COVID-19 period to keep Singapore moving and how we continue to work towards our future transport goals. This quick tour will bring you through the key enhancements. LTA's Measures for COVID-19. Please tell us why (but don't leave your personal details here - message us if you need help or have questions). About this dataset. In view of the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, members of the public are encouraged to access our digital services. date of revision a. Title: Standard Drawing Author: Townsville City Council Subject: Basic Bus Stop Urban Location Layout Details Type 5 And 6 Keywords: Standard Drawing Townsville City Council Basic Bus Stop Urban Location Layout Details Type 5 And 6 Created Date Standard Drawing 3001 - Guide Posts [PDF 102 Kb] 7-130 Pavement Markings . 01-04-2005 and may incorporate features that identify the stop with the community (such as art, bus stop naming or inclusion of a community bulletin board). 'No thanks' will close this window. LTA Taxi Stop. Lta Standard - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. drawing title table of contents bus stop layout & elevation bus shelter - type a temporary use only bus bay details Advantages are that passengers can board and alight closer to the crosswalk. Box Culverts Up to 600 Wide [PDF 78 Kb], Standard Drawing 1992 - Driveable Culvert Endwalls Type 2 - Pipe Culverts Up to 600 Dia. ... LRT, bus & taxi. table of contents chapter no. 2. Download myLearners from the App Store or Google Play today. 662. Standard Drawings are to assist Transport and Main Roads in the building of the states roads and bridges. It is a collection of the department's most commonly used construction drawings. Use the links at the top navigation bar to help you find what you are looking for, Jump straight into the popular pages that. 20-04-2004 scale 1:250 scale 1:50 refer lta architecture department checklist for details b. Standard Drawing 3001 - Guide Posts [PDF 102 Kb] Standard Drawing 3101 - Fence Type A - A1 and A2 Post and Wire [PDF 84 Kb] Near-side stop Occurs when the bus stops befor e the intersection. Types 1, 2 & 3 [PDF 65 Kb], Standard Drawing 1891 - Mass Concrete Wingwall - Types 1, 2 & 3 Skew Pipe Culverts 1350 to 2100 Dia. The current STA bus fleet varies in length from a 12.5m standard bus to an 18m articulated bus. 33. The standard drawings for roadworks are mandatory documents included in the contract. Standard Drawings are to assist Transport and Main Roads in the building of the states roads and bridges. Types 1, 2 & 3 [PDF 48 Kb], Standard Drawing 1861 - Mass Concrete Wingwall - Types 1, 2 & 3 Pipe Culverts 600 to 2100 Dia. They are intended to be used as a guide in the preparation and submittal of plans for private development and city contract projects within the City of Raleigh and the city's extra-territorial jurisdiction. There are 5 types of buses. drawing no. sensitive to the community setting. 27. and the right turn storage lane length shall be increased to 120 ft. min. 3403-3/P70-2 (PDF) Standard Warning Sign - New Junction Ahead. Learn more. Close Beginning of dialog window. Book an appointment (Licences/Registrations), Registering to be an organ and tissue donor, Making it easier to move around on Melbournes roads, Behaviour Change Program approved provider requirements, Cancel (surrender) your licence and/or learner permit, P1 and P2 probationary licence restrictions, Exemptions from wearing a seat belt or bicycle helmet, Getting your licence back after a drink-driving or drug-driving offence, Driver licence history report & work diary fees, Request licence or registration information, Book your driver licence or learner permit test, Registration appointment & inspection fees, Club, rally and unregistered vehicle permit fees, Vehicles exempt from roadworthiness requirements, Replace lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen plates, Electric and hydrogen number plate labels, Information for tourists about Victorian road rules, Fog lights & additional headlights (driving lights), Road Safety & Transport Strategic Action Plan for Powered Two Wheelers, Bayswater Road and Eastfield Road intersection upgrade, Bridge Road Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Improvements, Bulla Bypass Melbourne Airport link planning study, Carrum Downs to Seaford Shared Use Path Improvements, Coburg Central Road Safety Improvement Project, Coburns Road intersection safety improvements Melton, Gaffney Street and Sussex Street intersection upgrade, Gap Road and Horne Street intersection upgrade in Sunbury, Green Gully Road and Arundel Road intersection safety improvements, Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road maintenance works, Hoddle Street and Abbot Grove Signal Works, Lower Plenty Road electronic speed limits, Maroondah Highway Black Spur maintenance works, Maroondah Highway safety improvements, Coldstream to Healesville, Metropolitan South East safety improvements, Millers Rd and Williamstown Rd corridor study, Mount Dandenong Tourist Road safety improvements project, Myers Creek Road motorcycle safety improvements, Outer Metropolitan Melbourne Rumble Strips, Outer metropolitan ring/E6 transport corridor, Princes Highway-Geelong Road safety improvements, Protected intersection at Albert and Lansdowne Street, Raised intersections Thomastown and Epping, Raleigh Road Bridge shared user path upgrade, Maribyrnong, Road Safety Improvements on Western Freeway Rockbank, Safe Travel in Local Streets Metropolitan Melbourne, St George's Road, Northcote median opening review, Stronger Bridges for Melbournes next generation trams, Thompsons Road safety improvements Mornington Peninsula Freeway to Narre Warren Road, Whitehorse Road and Balwyn Road intersection upgrade, How will I know if my land will be acquired, Maroondah Highway Croydon intersection upgrade, Outer Metropolitan Ring E6 Transport Corridor, Electrical and Intelligent transport systems, Freeway service centre development approval, Guidelines for placement of skips on roadsides, How to apply for renew, and manage your LVT licence, Licensed vehicle testers procedures and newsletters, Planning for road works - heavy vehicle detours, Standard Drawing 1001 - Pit Dimensions and Setting Out Details [PDF 97 Kb], Standard Drawing 1002 - Pit and Pipe Invert Levels [PDF 91 Kb], Standard Drawing 1011 - Unhaunched Pits [PDF 161 Kb], Standard Drawing 1021 - Haunched Pits [PDF 169 Kb], Standard Drawing 1022 - Double Haunched Pit Type A [PDF 128 Kb], Standard Drawing 1023 - Double Haunched Pit Type B [PDF 129 Kb], Standard Drawing 1041 - Step Irons [PDF 73 Kb], Standard Drawing 1051 - Pit Covers [PDF 224 Kb], Standard Drawing 1061 - Lintels [PDF 70 Kb], Standard Drawing 1101 - Inlet Catch Pit Type 1 - Pipe Culverts 300 to 600 Dia [PDF 50 Kb], Standard Drawing 1102 - Inlet Catch Drain Type 2 - Pipe Culverts 300 to 600 Dia [PDF 44 Kb], Standard Drawing 1111 - Inlet Catch Pit Type 1 - Box Culverts 150 to 300 High [PDF 73 Kb], Standard Drawing 1112 - Inlet Catch Pit Type 2 - Box Culverts 150 to 300 High [PDF 66 Kb], Standard Drawing 1121 - Junction Pit - Concrete Cover [PDF 137 Kb], Standard Drawing 1131 - Junction Pit - Cast Iron Cover [PDF 141 Kb], Standard Drawing 1141 - End Entry Pit [PDF 105 Kb], Standard Drawing 1231 - Side Entry Pit - CD2 Channel - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 137 Kb], Standard Drawing 1271 - Side Entry Pit - SM Type Kerb - Cast Iron Cover - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 143 Kb], Standard Drawing 1272 - Side Entry Pit - B Type Kerb - Cast Iron Cover - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 137 Kb], Standard Drawing 1281 - Side Entry Pit - SM Type Kerb - Cast Iron Cover in Road - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 150 Kb], Standard Drawing 1282 - Side Entry Pit - B Type Kerb - Cast Iron Cover in Road - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 153 Kb], Standard Drawing 1291 - Side Entry Pit - SM Type Kerb - Cast Iron Cover in Road - 1.5m Inlet [PDF 160 Kb], Standard Drawing 1301 - Side Entry Pit - Concrete Cover - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 138 Kb], Standard Drawing 1311 - Side Entry Pit - Concrete Cover - 1.5m Inlet [PDF 133 Kb], Standard Drawing 1321 - Grated Side Entry Pit - SM Type Kerb - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 167 Kb], Standard Drawing 1322 - Grated Side Entry Pit - B Type Kerb - 1.0m Inlet [PDF 167 Kb], Standard Drawing 1401 - Grated Pit - Footways [PDF 80 Kb], Standard Drawing 1411 - Grated Pit - Depressed Steel Grate [PDF 158 Kb], Standard Drawing 1421 - Grated Pit - Concrete Grate [PDF 167 Kb], Standard Drawing 1431 - Grated Pit - Flush Steel Grate [PDF 132 Kb], Standard Drawing 1441 - Grated Pit - For Open Graded Asphalt Surface [PDF 141 Kb], Standard Drawing 1501 - Grated Trench [PDF 135 Kb], Standard Drawing 1511 - Installation Conditions for Rigid Pipes [PDF 126 Kb], Standard Drawing 1521 - Catch Drain - Type A [PDF 60 Kb], Standard Drawing 1531 - Catch Drain - Type B [PDF 71 Kb], Standard Drawing 1601 - Subsurface Drain Types [PDF 117 Kb], Standard Drawing 1611 - Subsurface Drain - Pits [PDF 270 Kb], Standard Drawing 1621 - Subsurface Drain - Location [PDF 191 Kb], Standard Drawing 1622 - Subsurface Drain - Alternative Methods [PDF 81 Kb], Standard Drawing 1631 - Pavement Drain - Terminals [PDF 177 Kb], Standard Drawing 1641 - Pavement Drain - Alternative Arrangements [PDF 56 Kb], Standard Drawing 1700 - Culvert Inlet and Outlet Structures Selection Guide [PDF 89 Kb], Standard Drawing 1701 - Drop Inlets -Type 1 [PDF 59 Kb], Standard Drawing 1801 - Grouted Masonry Endwall [PDF 48 Kb], Standard Drawing 1811 - Mass Concrete Endwall - Pipe Culverts 300 to 525 Dia.

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