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In addition to lessons, I am happy to offer both team sessions and large scale clinics periodically throughout the year at Sports Performance Park in … Lessons are 45 minutes or an hour and focus on mechanics, mental approach and self-esteem. This has been her experience and she wants the same for her students. Thank you Coach DJ for all your time and coaching! Pre stretch and warm ups and post stretching and cool down every session. New Student Evaluation – Available to students new to TPC & 30-Minute Private Lesson What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise? Memories of a lifetime for sure ... but I strongly believe that playing the game molded them both to become the very successful woman in life they both are today. I was recently the Lovejoy Varsity softball pitching coach for three years until taking time off to spend with my family. Learn how to practice with a purpose and make adjustments to improve your pitching skills. Softball Pitching Coaching with Denny Tincher . Not one session is the same. with an emphasis in pitching and catching. Our lessons are available in variety of settings including private lessons, semi-private small group lessons, and team development practices. I do not entertain group lessons. Like many coaches, I have attended countless coaching clinics & am constantly studying this ever changing game to give my athletes the best chances for success. I loved having coach DJ as a coach he taught me how to be more versatile and how to improve my skills as a player! She considers it an honor to be a part of her student’s personal softball development. Iowa Elite Athletics can help with following: If you are interest in a private workout REGISTER NOW. Coach DJ is an amazing coach who personally took an interest in me seeing my potential and helped me grow as an athlete and a person. I make sure she understands my terminology, as well as the importance of proper conditioning & reinforcing the basic fundamentals. He was one of the best coaches I had in my entire 9 years of playing softball. He is very positive and the athlete understand what he is expecting of them. Sometimes it may not make sense at that moment but he’s always looking at the bigger picture. 30 Minute Sessions. Our indoor facility is located in Eagan, Minnesota. Coach DJ has an extremely high level of knowledge of softball, especially in the area of pitching and catching, and was instrumental with my transition from baseball to softball. Learning to pitch is a journey. He's detail oriented with fundamentals, patient with beginners and veterans alike, and extremely motivating. He also made practices, pitching lessons, and circuit training days fun and exciting. But since I retired from teaching, I now have the time to dedicate to my passion by continuing to coach fastpitch softball at the high school level (currently the pitching/ catching coach at Desert Edge High School) & now provide private lessons as well. We are available 6 to 7 days a week depending on the season. Softball lessons, drills, tips videos, and training articles Training Articles Learn To Drag Bunt And Power Slap Aug. 1, 2016. The athletes well being comes first. Kit is a lefty hitter, slapper and bunter. In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to stand well over 6-feet tall, people often ask how a pitcher like Angela Tincher, just 5’7” could pitch at speeds around 68 mph. Even his drills were well thought out and made us better and better. He did an exemplary job as a JV coach and as my varsity assistant. I definitely recommend Coach DJ for any pitching or catching lessons you may need. For the pitcher, they should understand that control of the fastball and a very consistent change up are the building blocks for all other pitches they will attempt to master. I have coached all ages and levels of fastpitch softball. Online videos from 2020 event with the nationwide leaders in softball pitching. We … He always encouraged us to be the best we can be and making us feel like we could conquer anything. My sessions are not repetitive which I love, there's the days when coach has me focus on my not so good pitches from previous games and then the other days we focus on my strengthening and conditioning. Coach taught me how to have confidence and find the best technique for myself, to help me learn and grow as a player. The drills and workouts he implements have really improved her skill! I really like how Coach DJ focuses on how players can become better. I will always look back at my pitching/softball career and remember how Coach DJ really shaped me into the player I was back then and even the person I am now off the field. He taught me how to rein in my wild pitches and knew exactly when I was ready for the next step or a new pitch. 60 Minute Sessions 5 Session $375 - 10 Sessions $710 - 20 Sessions $1050. For pitchers, my philosophy is simple ... establishing an accurate fastball & change up is priority #1. I have coached fastpitch softball since 1994. My daughter is a catcher at Desert Edge High School and she just loves working with him! I ended my season being a top player, with confidence to carry me through the rest of my years in ball. He taught me things on and off the field that I still use to this day. His coaching style made me really believe in myself and taught me that there wasn't anything I couldn't do. I worked with Coach DJ from my freshman year of high school softball up to my senior year. I've improved in so many aspects of pitching and continue to improve on my mechanics, control and speed. =do_shortcode('[events_list limit="2" category="softball-tryouts" scope="2-months"]. His Our highly rated coaches with decades of experience are key factors in teaching best offensive and defensive techniques used in softball today. If so, please share the details here. This direct connection to the game, their hands-on experience and the ability to thoroughly understand the process of specific technique work provides the softball athletes the opportunity to excel at the highest level. Register online for a camp near you. His knowledge for the game both offensively and defensively continues to grow as the game of fast pitch evolves. Our lessons are available in variety of settings including private lessons, semi-private small group lessons, and team development practices. We appreciate you! His main focus with the program is pitching and catching. ... me, softball catching clinics near me, softball classes, softball coaching clinics near me, softball pitching lessons for beginners near me, softball pitching lessons price, softball training facility near me. Below is a listing of private coaches, trainers and recruiters that provide services for softball players. Coach DJ made such a huge impact in the way I approached training. As a pitcher, he was able to teach me the accuracy I needed when I did not quite have the speed. Lesson pricing. He explains each drill and what it is designed to focus on. 1, 2016. I have been a pitching & catching coach at various high schools in the Phoenix valley, as well as American High Schools in both South Korea & Germany. He strives for greatness and will bring out the best in your ability due in part to his wealth of knowledge and dedication to the sport. I will always highly recommend him as a coach for another aspiring athlete! I am currently the pitching & catching coach at Desert Edge High School in Goodyear, AZ. She was All State in 2005 leading the team to their first ever softball State Championship. 2020-03-25. I facilitate this enjoyment by providing a structured, easy to understand practice regiment ... emphasizing sound mechanics. Melissa Negrete (Pitching) Melissa is a former Pitcher at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Millard South High School. I will always remember Coach DJ as one of the best coaches I ever had growing up. My "pitching daughter" went on to play college softball. I enjoy seeing the girls I've work(ed) with have success on the mound & enjoy pitching. Coach DJ is directly responsible for assisting with and building the foundation upon which Desert Edge High School's softball programs successes have been achieved. Once established, we advance to movement pitches, starting with the drop. Through scientific research we are continually learning and updating the basics of pitching and hitting which includes: biomechanics, functional fitness, mental/emotional management and nutrition. I am grateful to DJ being my coach, mentor, and friend and he has made a lasting impression on me that I will treasure forever. Coach DJ developed not only my ball skills, but character skills in me as well. Thank you for your interest in pitching lessons with us! We also have recruiters listed in case your daughter would like to play in college. Said skills include everything from hitting homers and pitching curveballs to fielding essentials, such as catching pop-ups while watering the infield. We’re passionate about helping young ladies become all that they can be. Former Clifton Central High School Softball Coach. Find the perfect trainer now. Ranked fifty-five in NCAA Division I softball national ranking for batting average. I give lessons for everything - hitting, catching, fielding, and pitching! MSA offers instructional lessons to help beginners just learning their sport, all the way up to professionals fine tuning their skills. Unless requested, I do not entertain group sessions. TPC offers softball private training sessions in the following skills: Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Throwing, Speed/Strength and Umpiring. He really challenged not only my physical abilities but also my mental toughness. My daughter has a better command of her position and the game. seasons, and again in 2016 as the Head Varsity Coach of the Millennium High School Softball has the ability to take students to so many places, provide them with wonderful experiences and teach them countless life-lessons. Coach DJ is by far one of my favorite and respectable coaches. unique ability to connect with young adults and inspire them to achieve to the best of Feel free to contact me through text or email to set up a lesson! $35 for 60 mins (athlete should be warmed up by start of lesson), $50 for 90 mins (includes warm-up & strength/conditioning work). He is one of the best coaches I have had in my 10 years of playing! loading 973.598.9887 YOUR ATHLETE WILL GET MY COMPLETE UNDIVIDED ATTENTION. He was one of the best mentors I have ever had, he is very knowledgeable about pitching and softball in general, and he literally destroyed me in conditioning! I take great pride in my unique ability to tailor my coaching style to the athlete. The mixture of the sessions keeps the athlete in tune and attentive. Buy Now. I am always fond of watching my athletes have success on the mound and behind the plate ... but even more fond of seeing those athletes go on to experience much success in life! Although I coach all aspects of the game, my coaching expertise is pitching & catching. Digital Courses Take control over your own pitching journey and train independently with Full Circle Fastpitch's two digital courses. I strongly recommend Coach DJ Staflin for your private softball lesson needs. My time being coached by DJ was the best I had ever played and by far the best experience. I absolutely do not subscribe to "one coaching style fits all". SOFTBALL PITCHING LESSONS SOFTBALL PITCHING LESSONS SOFTBALL PITCHING LESSONS. One was a pitcher & the other, a catcher. Coach DJ was the best coach I ever had in my softball career. NOTE: I understand every family has their story. Being honest with themselves about both their current pitching & catching skill set as well as establishing realistic goals. SECOND – look through the list below; Click your state to see the Instructor locations and how to schedule a lesson there. His knowledge of the game is amazing. As the saying goes ... "It takes a village". He was able to take Previously learned skills that had bad habits associated with them and train me to rebuild the muscle memory to better my pitching. I make sure my athletes and their parents/guardians understand that regardless of what I’m asked to coach, I do it with one vision in mind … to help develop athletes to not only be technically sound, but to take advantage of all life lessons any sport provides, to build strong character & self-discipline. amongst the Agua Fria Unified District staff, the student-athletes, and the parents. Having served in the US Air Force for 29 years, then teaching high school fulltime & coaching high school softball, there wasn't much time left for private lessons. Softball pitching lessons prices vary depending on several factors, such as skill level and the number of softball classes. He is patient and understanding when teaching but also firm and drives his players to reach their potential as a player. Coach DJ invested more time in me as an athlete than any other coach I have ever had and I have played numerous sports from the age of 9-college years. Nebraska Gatorade Softball Player of the Year 2005 Before you put in the time in training, you’ll need to be brutally honest with yourself. Coaches. I've obviously witnessed what he's able to accomplish coaching in a group setting, I can only imagine the successes your athlete will experience from one-on-one coaching with Coach DJ. Coach DJ has been on my coaching staff the last two season at Desert Edge High School. He is really great at identifying strengths in general, my entire softball career, I had been playing catcher, he helped me not only improve as a catcher, but also pushed me to try outfield, where I also excelled. Her skill has improved so much since she’s worked with Coach DJ! By: CoachUp in Softball In order to maximize your softball workout and softball training you must do a combination of both dynamic and static stretching. Review the details, and securely hire on Through the education and training of parents and coaches, High Performance Pitching will transform the quality of instruction being offered to pitchers of all ages. Having served in the US Air Force for 29 years, then teaching high school fulltime & coaching high school softball, there wasn't much time left for private lessons. Find a data-driven pitching or hitting program suited for you. Coach DJ has an extremely high level of knowledge of softball, especially in the area of pitching and catching, and was instrumental with my transition from baseball to softball. I would recommend you choose a coach who is not only knowledgeable in the sport and can adjust their coaching style to your daughter ... but also one who is equally invested in seeing their athletes grow as women of strong character as well as an accomplished pitcher or catcher. I recently committed to West Texas A&M to play softball, a dream school of mine, and without Shelby’s help I would have never been able to achieve this goal. Each of our coaches brings college softball playing and coaching experience into teaching hitting, slapping, pitching, catching, outfield, and infield. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Along with her velocity, Angela was able to create dramatic movement on the ball, establishing herself as one of the top pitchers in the college softball record books. My name is Abbie (Forman) Voorhees and I am a private pitching instructor. Coach is very supportive and motivating thru out our sessions. Further, he is very knowledgeable in the sport of softball, The constant focus on developing bat, arm, and foot speed helped me get recruited by a D1 school!" and dealt with parents in a professional manner. Email Me. What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work? Like my lessons are, I would also make sure that the lesson you choose for your athlete is one-on-one, getting the coach's undivided attention. The FIRST STEP is to This will allow you to receive announcements from TincherPitching about events, lesson opportunities, and Instructor activities as they happen in towns near you! Certified Coaches and Instructors. My daughter and I saw immediate results after the first lesson. It has come to my attention that Coach DJ Staflin is starting a business providing private lessons in pitching & catching. I started my first season with Coach DJ as a timid, insecure, but driven player. Private Lessons Pitching 30 Minutes $40 - Defense 30 Minutes $40 - Hitting - 30 Minutes $40. Proper mechanics lead to consistency and help prevent injury. I will never teach a technique without a clear understanding of "the why". One-on-one (or 1-2, 1-3, 1-4) instructional lessons allow each player to improve his or her skills in different fundamental areas including pitching, fielding (infield/outfield), base-running (including sliding techniques), hitting and throwing mechanics. Want to see who made the cut? Pitching: The staffs focus’ first and foremost on the mechanics of pitching. Former Head Coach House of Sportz Softball 12U (2017) and 10U (2018) Get Started. I have helped out at various U-High, Chiddix, and other softball camps/practices, and love working with girls and helping them develop their skills! 5 Sessions $190 - 10 Sessions $350 - 20 Sessions $660. We are a indoor baseball facility and provide softball instruction NJ, softball lessons, baseball lessons, hitting lessons, pitching lessons. 309-532-6191 What types of students have you worked with? Coach DJ was always a steady coach who understood how to push you without you feeling under pressure. Pay online for private lessons, camp registration, & player accounts. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. In that time, I witnessed many young women experience success on the softball field, and achieve a high level of character and integrity. National School of Baseball and Softball works out of two locations: 401 Industrial Drive, Bolingbrook (Inside the Step Ahead Sports Building) and T’s Training Academy 600 Western Ave. Lombard, IL. She has increased her speed and has better control of her pitches. Works on all hitting mechanics and the short game of softball. He has great knowledge of the pitching/catching positions and the skills necessary to be successful at them. In order to develop consistent mechanics and accuracy takes many repetitions. We really appreciate his understanding of the student athletes and his willingness to work with her one on one. Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? Both my daughters loved & played the sport. Forever grateful! From private lessons in pitching and catching to extra work in the outfield or training for speed and agility these trainers are ready to help your softball player. Became the 13 th athlete to be inducted into the University of South Florida Softball Hall of Fame in 2013. Here is the definitive list of softball pitching lessons near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. Zach Bracken University of New Orleans "I struggled making my high school baseball team, but two years with CageRat and I became one of the best players in the state. Coach DJ is an incredible coach. Get access to pitching workouts, a video library, informational documents, mentality homework and a community of pitchers training alongside you. Further, I stress "the why" of the methods I instruct. If your athlete has the desire & is self motivated, I am definitely open at discussing a rate that best fits your budget. I can recommend Coach DJ without any reservations as I am confident that he will provide any student athlete he comes in contact with the necessary tools to be successful both on and off the field. He is able to help by making adjustments and changes to technique in order to make players as good as they can possibly be! Want to see who made the cut? We like the total work out. His love for the game, passion, and time he puts into his players is really awesome to see! first time I met him that he had a special gift when dealing with our student athletes. When I started with Shelby I had an injury from pitching due to bad mechanics. He has a great attitude and a special way way of developing pitchers. Coach DJ is fantastic at what he does! He is a person that is well respected I needed to know how to sharpen my skills, because I knew I loved playing the game. Christina Washington CURRENTLY THE D1 PITCHING INSTRUCTOR FOR CAL STATE FULLERTON BOISE STATE PLAYING CAREER. I am writing as the varsity softball coach at Dobson High School. He was disciplined but fair with his players, always teaching life lessons. their ability makes him the ideal candidate a coach your athlete. Although I coach all aspects of the game, my coaching expertise is pitching & catching. I’ve played many different sports throughout the years, dealt with several coaches, and not every coach helps each individual on a team, but he did. Get Started. Pitching Lesson with Coach Abbie. Our mission at Bedinger's Bullpen is to provide professional training and instruction for young athletes. I currently teach hitting, fielding, catching, and beginner pitching to all girls 8 years old and up in the Western New York area. Our goal is to increase the players knowledge of the game and to improve their softball fundamentals. I've grown so much as a pitcher from my first session to my last one. In all the years of softball, by far coach DJ was the most impactful and left a lasting impression on what an amazing coach can do for you. Advanced players have the opportunity to learn not only proper mechanics but the mental approach to pitching. As a catcher, he played to my strengths and was able to use those strengths to improve where I needed help. I had the privilege of being coached by him in some of his first years and can honestly say he's helped shape the person I am today. Baseball and softball training facility in Lynnwood, WA featuring instruction and camps by former professional athletes who are committed to growing Snohomish County youth through our five "Diamond Principles": Mental, Skills, Physical, Goals, & Character. His attention to detail in pitching is great. Get better at Softball fast. My daughter likes the conditioning portion prior to her throwing and she believes that part of the training is what will set her apart from the others. As the former Softball Head Coach at Desert Edge High School and current Head Football Coach at Mesa Community College, I have known Coach DJ Staflin since 2003, and also spent two seasons coaching softball with him at Desert Edge High School. You won’t be disappointed! There wasn't a day that went by that I wasn't excited to see and work with Coach DJ. I went from being a bench warmer to being the starting catcher for a while season. Communicates well with the athlete and works on key items. Fast Pitch Softball Pitching Instructor. Group Lessons 3-4 Players 60 Minutes $30 (per player) Terms and Conditions Strike Zone Sports offers Minnesota Fastpitch Pitching, Catching, and Hitting Lessons. Players who join Iowa Elite Athletics will learn life lessons, make new friends and accomplish amazing results with their ability to play as a team. Athletes. His professionalism, attention to detail, and knowledge of the game is second to none. His Coach DJ also made sure that I understood what he was teaching me and WHY it was important; He never gave up and always stayed positive when coaching me. It started out as a great way for us to spend time together ... but turned out to be so much than that. I knew from the But since 2002, I have coached primarily high school age athletes in all facets of game of fastpitch softball ... with an emphasis in pitching & catching. expertise in the areas of leadership, mentoring, and discipline greatly exceeded my He had a very good rapport with the players on all levels. He’s a great coach and knows exactly what he’s talking about. Hitting: A major league approach to hitting from former and current professional players. He has a wide range of drills needed to provide a starting point and progression for all skill levels. Best Private Softball Lessons & Classes for beginners. What is your typical process for working with a new student? I start out by determining their skill level & what goals the new pitcher would like to achieve. Softball Pitching Beginner to Advanced Level Individual Lessons Only $60/Hour Brandon is an Elite Level Pitching Instructor who has been giving lessons for 16 years and has had the opportunity to coach many different athletes, many who even went on to be All- Americans at various levels. This is going to be hard to keep short. I have known Coach DJ for 10 years and hired him to coach my Junior Varsity team in 2012. As a player, I always felt like he coached with the perfect mix of motivation and discipline. Here is the definitive list of baseball coaches near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. program, I had the distinct pleasure of coaching along side Coach DJ. My daughter likes the one on one time with Coach DJ. Choose programming or data visualization services that fit … As the Head Varsity Coach of the DEHS softball program, during 2007 & 2008 softball I would recommend his lessons to anyone who is serious about this sport because he will put your best interest forward. Learn batting and fielding fundamentals, tips, drills and softball techniques at a beginner softball camp. I was fortunate enough to have DJ as a coach while attending Desert Edge High School. He taught me many lessons on and off the field, some that I still carry with me today. I came to coach DJ with a love for the sport but not a lot of talent and was intimidated on the field. You would be lucky to have even one season with coach DJ! Our baseball and softball instruction focuses on all aspects of the game including pitching, catching, fielding, hitting, and throwing, as we try to elevate your game! Further, as a seasoned fastpitch softball coach, now offering individual lessons ... please know that my lessons are ONE-ON-ONE. Specializing in fastpitch softball, Ashley focuses on the sport’s fundamental skills during individualized, one-on-one lessons. She immediately helped me identify the issue and we turned things around very quickly. We have 2 types of sessions. He truly cares about these girls and their future! I wouldn't look any further for a pitching or catching coach, this is it! Its that tremendous pride for my daughters & the love of the game that continues to motivate me to coach today and hopefully have a part in raising more successful young ladies to become successful athletes on the field and women in life. expectations of a varsity coach. My "pitching daughter" went on to play college softball. I played high school baseball & played in men's fastpitch leagues during the early years of my military career. I played Varsity softball all four years of high school with DJ as my pitching coach, was selected to play in Hawaii for club USA representing the state of Arizona my senior year, and even made it to play in college on a ful ride scholarship. Show all reviews Iowa Elite Athletics offers top notch development programs for softball skill development in Des Moines and central Iowa. Out of my 13 years playing, he was the best coach I had. Lastly, my lessons will always be "one-on-one". Coach DJ is an amazing Coach! Whether coaching individual lessons or high school softball, Coach "DJ" Staflin's integrity and hard work is beyond approach. Being in high school I would get upset over sometimes the smallest things and he alway helped put things in perspective. By: CoachUp in Softball So, you’ve decided become a slap hitter -- but what exactly does that mean? I wasn't the most confident of pitchers but Coach DJ would say the exact right thing to ground me again and raise the trust in myself through his belief in me. I absolutely have the tools necessary to be a successful coach on & off the field. Data-driven Softball Player Development. What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs. My overall experience with Coach Dj is fantastic. He is part of everything. Each of our coaches brings college softball playing and coaching experience into teaching hitting, slapping, pitching, catching, outfield, and infield. In 1994, I got started coaching because both my daughter's played the sport. I want my athletes to have the ability to "self troubleshoot" and thus be able to make the adjustments needed during the game. Softball lessons, drills, tips videos, and training articles Training Articles Dynamic Stretches for Softball Players Apr. Thank you coach DJ for the support, encouragement and your believe in me. The staff is currently led by former Minnesota Gopher softball battery Sara Moulton and Kari Dorle. Specializes in Softball Pitching Instruction, Hitting & Fielding. Whether coaching individual lessons or high school softball, Coach "DJ" Staflin's integrity and hard work is beyond approach.

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