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She left the group after the audition, and the … ith this new song, they passed the second audition, but not until their name was changed from the plain-sounding (according to Gordy) Marvels to the Marvelettes. Sadly, the song’s true originators no longer received writing credit on this release, the label reading “Holland / Gorman / Bateman” as the song's writers. It was a key record for boosting morale during the Vietnam War. [5] Billboard named the song #22 on their 2017 list of 100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time. They also recorded one more version for BBC radio on February 28th, 1964, for the show "From Us To You," which aired on March 30th. John Lennon took lead vocals on ‘Please Mister Postman’, double tracking his performance for added weight. A lawsuit with Motown continued all the way until 1977 when it was settled by Holland / Dozier / Holland paying a mere few thousand dollars in damages. In his book "Tune In," Mark Lewisohn relates that it "became the third Tamla song in The Beatles' repertoire and all were sung by John, with Paul and George head to head at the second microphone to deliver the prominent backing vocals, and all three adding the handclaps high, at head level, as a visual attraction. Since The Beatles required a gender change in the lyrics, we can assume here that Lennon just really misses his girlfriend. Could The Beatles do the song justice? (Georgia Dobbins – William Garrett – Brian Holland – Robert Bateman – Freddie Gorman). His biggest accomplishment, though, was with the successful vocal group The Originals, who recorded for Soul Records in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After The Marvelettes released the lackluster follow-up single “Twistin’ Postman” (capitalizing on their first hit and the ‘twist’ dance craze), their continued chart success included “Playboy,” “Beachwood 4-5789,” “Too Many Fish In The Sea” and “Don’t Mess With Bill.” After assorted personnel adjustments, they finally disbanded in 1970 shortly after Motown moved their headquarters to Los Angeles, leaving the group behind. / Wait, Mister Postman / (Mister Postman, look and see) / Oh yeah! She was 78. This is where Capitol stepped in and saw fit to quickly put together a second US album "The Beatles' Second Album," released on April 10th, 1964, which included the song. Georgia Dobbins Davis, an original member of the Marvelettes and the co-writer of their classic 1961 hit, “Please Mr. Postman,” died Friday, September … The Carpenters remade the 14 year old song, which became their third of three number one hits for the group. The Beatles & The Carpenters both did covers of it. During the Disco era, they even scored a #1 hit on the Dance charts with “Down To Love Town.” They continued recording and performing until the group broke up in 1982. In contrast to the playfulness of the original version, The Beatles steamroller the song from beginning to end. August 21, 1961. He also felt the song needed some sprucing up, so he hired the songwriting team of Brian Holland and Robert Bateman (collectively known as “Brianbert”) to re-work it even more. Only drums and a hint of bass are heard instrumentally in this introduction, which basically features John’s double-tracked vocals and Paul and George’s background vocals. The Beatles Cover is on the "With The Beatles" album. The Beatles took pride in their recordings, whether it was newly written originals or well loved cover versions. The Carpenters' cover version was also sampled by rapper Juelz Santana for his single "Oh Yes". The Marvels were a singing group from Inkster, Michigan made up of five high school friends Georgia Dobbins, Gladys Horton, Georgeanna Tillman, Juanita Cowart and Katherine Anderson. The song begins with a hi-hat beat just before the one beat of the four measure introduction, which signals Paul and George’s “Wait,” ushering in John’s lead vocals. Georgia Dobbins Davis, an original member of the Marvelettes and the co-writer of their classic 1961 hit, “Please Mr. Postman,” died Friday, September 18th. Therefore, the song was put on the backburner for the first half of the year. The Songwriters Hall of Fame credits "Please Mr. Postman" to just Holland, Bateman, and Gorman. Freddie Gorman passed away in California on June 13th, 2006. Because The Beatles liked to pull out old chestnuts to play for BBC radio, "Please Mister Postman" was dusted off and recorded on July 10th, 1963, for "Pop Go The Beatles," which was broadcast on July 30th, 1963. It is the debut single by the Marvelettes for the Tamla (Motown) label,[1] notable as the first Motown song to reach the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart. Released also at this time was a limited edition five-song sampler of this album for promotional purposes, this BBC recording of "Please Mister Postman" being included. Georgia Dobbins took it upon herself to take a blues song written by a friend of hers named William Garrett and rework it for the group to perform at a later audition for Motown. These "Playtapes" are highly collectable today. [3] EMI Music Publishing, the current music publisher of the song, list all five writers in their catalog. The original Tamla 45 single for the Marvelettes' version credits "Dobbins/Garett/Brianbert" as the songwriters, and credits "Brianbert" as producer. July 30th, 1963, was the second recording session held by The Beatles for their second British album “With The Beatles.” The first session for the album on July 18th consisted entirely of cover songs, and they continued this trend by resurrecting a chestnut from their 1962 stage shows, “Please Mister Postman” (changing the title from “Mr.” on the original version). The double-tracked urgency and desperation displayed by Lennon’s vocals is what, in many people’s minds, outdoes the original for sheer excitement. After an identical refrain is heard, a third verse appears which once again allows the lead singer to add to the story. This exact date was when the group entered into EMI Studio Two to properly record the song for their second British album, "With The Beatles." The program, which also featured Roy Orbison's "Dream Baby" and Chuck Berry's "Memphis, Tennessee," was broadcast the following day, March 8th, 1962. As 1963 and national stardom set in, their set lists became smaller and their focus was on promoting their recent hit singles and album tracks. (Please, please, Mr. Postman), G I've been waiting such a long time, A Since I heard from this boyfriend of mine. The songs they chose to record usually weren’t big hits; in fact some were so obscure that many Beatles fans assumed that they had written them. After this, it appears that The Beatles retired the song for good. To Kenneth in Cleveland: I have Dobbins,Horton,Young, Anderson and Cowart (Maiden name?) Although Robert Bateman left Motown shortly afterward in 1962, Brian Holland continued a prolific songwriting career with Lamont Dozier and Freddie Gorman. She was 78. Language. [4], The song was on Billboard's top 100 chart for 23 weeks, and peaked at number 1 the week of December 11, 1961. The Beatles included "Please Mr. Postman" as part of their live act in 1962, performing it regularly at the Cavern Club. November 11th, 2013 was the release date for the album "On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2" which featured yet another version of "Please Mister Postman." Nonetheless, this was the third US release of "Please Mister Postman." Forming in 1966 and providing background vocals on such Motown hits as “What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted” and “For Once In My Life,” The Originals continued on, under the tutelage of Marvin Gaye, to score huge hits on the R&B charts. Marvels original lead singer Georgia Dobbins needed an original song for their audition, and got a blues song from her friend William Garrett, which she then reworked for the group. A short bass run introduces full instrumentation of the band in this first eight measure refrain, which actually features the background vocalists (Paul and George) singing the melody line while the lead vocalist (John) sings accentuating vocal lines, such as “oh yeah” and “please, please.” The first two actual eight measure verses then follow, which allow the lead vocalist to tell his story as the background vocalists “ooh” in hushed tones to allow John center stage. In The Name Of Love,” “Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (I Can’t Help Myself),” “Reach Out I’ll Be There,” “You Keep My Hangin’ On” and countless others. With Pete Best still in the band, they began performing the song in December of 1961. On February 23rd, 1964, the day after they returned from their historic first American visit, they mimed a performance of the song for the British television show "Big Night Out." This release reached number 68 on the U.S. "Please Mr. Postman" is a song written by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman. Early takes of the song show them not breaking during the climactic vocal lines toward the end of the song (during “check it and see…” and “deliver the letta…”), so a decision must have been made (probably by George Martin) to accentuate these phrases by the time the seventh take was recorded. 1 hit "Please Mr. Postman" as part of The Marvelettes, died on Sept. 18 from cardiac arrest. Please Mr. Postman by The Backbeat Band was written by Robert Bateman, Brian Holland, William Garrett, Georgia Dobbins and Freddie Gorman and was first released by The Marvelettes in 1961. Gladys Horton, lead singer of Motown girl group the Marvelettes whose hits included "Please Mr. Postman" - the Detroit label's first No. 1" also contains the song in both stereo and mono as originally heard on "The Beatles' Second Album." This early version, which was featured on the radio program "Pop Go The Beatles," has one noteworthy difference in that they hadn't yet incorporated the breaks at the end of the song (during, for example, the lyrics "deliver the letta..."). "Please Mr. Postman" was covered in a version by British rock group the Beatles on their With the Beatles album in the UK and on The Beatles' Second Album in the US. On February 26th, 1987, the original British album "With The Beatles" was released on compact disc in mono, a vinyl edition being released in the US on July 21st, 1987. Returning to Inkster, Georgia Dobbins contacted a local musician named William Garrett, who had an unfinished blues composition titled "Please Mr. Postman"; Garrett allowed Dobbins to use it as long as he received songwriting credit if the song became a hit. “Please Mister Postman” was the exception. On September 9th, 2009, a remastered CD re-release contained the stereo mix from 1964, the vinyl edition coming out on November 13th, 2012. Originally written by William Garrett, “Please Mr. Postman” was rewritten by … They decided against including the song on their first album “Meet The Beatles!” for just that reason. Capitol also released an EP disc to be sent to radio and TV stations entitled "The Beatles' Second Open-End Interview," which featured "Please Mister Postman" as the first of two songs on side two. Songwriter Georgia Dobbins has expressed that the lyrics are conveying the singer's distraught appeal for the mailman to deliver a letter from her boyfriend who has been away at war. Together, this trio worked as both songwriters and producers of an endless number of Motown hits which included 25 number one songs. From Ringo’s open hi-hat rhythm section and the clanging rhythm guitars from both John and George to all three vocalists singing at the top of their range, the song is transformed into a rock and roll powerhouse. waited until October 29th, 1963 to create the stereo mix of the song, which was also done with the rest of the album (except for “Money (That’s What I Want),” created the next day). The single achieved this position in late 1961; it hit number one on the R&B chart as well. Mr Postman was originally performed by the Marvellettes and written by Robert Bateman, Georgina Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman and Brian Holland. Since EPs were big sellers in Britain, Capitol tried their hand at it with Beatles music a couple of times. Less than a thousand of these discs were made, so they are worth a fortune. " The interplay between lead vocalist and background vocalists heard in this song is no doubt the inspiration for such later Beatle arrangements as “You’re Going To Lose That Girl,” “You Can’t Do That” and even “Help!”. The mono mix of the song was performed by George Martin and engineers Norman Smith and Geoff Emerick on August 21st, 1963, along with the rest of the tracks recorded thus far for the album. Billy Hatton of the rival Liverpool group The Four Jays remembers the experience of seeing The Beatles playing "Please Mister Postman" as "a wow moment. Ava DuVernay was commissioned by the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture to create a film which debuted at the museum's opening on September 24, 2016. On the surface, you can understand their reasoning, but after three million copies of the album had been sold by mid March, Capitol was ready to rush-release another album to cash in on the excitement. Written by:  Georgia Dobbins / William Garrett / Brian Holland / Robert Bateman / Freddie Gorman, Wriitten and compiled by Dave Rybaczewski, "I Call Your Name" PREVIOUS      -      NEXT "I'll Get You". By the time it was recorded for their second album, With the Beatles, it had been dropped from their set, and required some work in the studio to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Side one of this disc featured The Beatles answering questions that were printed on the record sleeve for the disc jockeys to ask them, simulating an actual interview with the group for local airplay. Freddie Gorman was known in the music business as a singer in such 50's R&B groups as The Qualitones (“Tears Of Love”) and The Fideletones (“Pretty Girl”). Postman Galaxy: The Global Virtual API Conference. [Part 4]", "Why Is August 28 So Special To Black People? This performance can be seen on the Anthology program. Events depicted include (among others) the release of the song. "Please Mister Postman" as the first of two songs on side two. Georgia Dobbins, co-writer of Motown's first No. In early 1961 they landed an audition with Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson at Hitsville, USA, home of Motown Records. A hit cover of "Please Mr. Postman" was recorded by the Carpenters, whose version took the song again to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1975. Another refrain is then heard, but this time the lead vocalist mostly sings with the background vocalists, accentuating his having to wait “such a long time” to hear from his girl. Because of royalty and profit sharing issues, Holland / Dozier / Holland left Motown in early 1968 but kept busy in the music industry with their successful Invictus and Hot Wax record labels. Part of this song was written by a postman who helped complete the lyrics. It’s also noteworthy that "Please Mister Postman" spent another week at number one on the Billboard pop charts in early 1975. “De-liver de let-ter, de sooner de better,” sang Gladys Horton on “Please Mr. Postman,” a song that made the Marvelettes, briefly, Motown’s top girl group. 1: 1959-1961 [liner notes]. Common as it may have been in pop music of that time, this pattern was virtually ignored by the Lennon / McCartney songwriting team throughout their career. They both were members of an early Motown vocal group called The Satintones, although Brian had previously released a solo single in 1958 under the name Bryant Holland. On January 21st, 2014, this album was released as an individual compact disc for the first time, the mono and stereo mixes being contained on a single CD. Postman Galaxy is a global, virtual Postman user conference. After an identical refrain is heard, a third verse appears which once again allows the lead singer to add to the story. The structure for “Please Mister Postman” consists of a 'refrain/ verse/ verse/ refrain/ verse/ refrain' pattern (or abbaba), which is somewhat unique for The Beatles repertoire. Less than a thousand of these discs were made, so they are worth a fortune. It was written by William Garrett, a friend of the group, and re-shaped by then-lead singer Georgia Dobbins. The November 15th, 2004 box set "The Capitol Albums, Vol. Once The Beatles discovered "Please Mister Postman," which did not chart in Britain and was virtually unknown there, they worked up a blistering rendition and added it to their set lists. When the Marvelettes turned up at the studio to record their first song, Georgia Dobbins was not present. From February 2 to 4, 2021, we'll gather the world's most enthusiastic API users and developers for a rocketload of action-packed online event activities and content about all things API. Since take seven was the keeper, overdubs were performed to double-track John Lennon’s lead vocals, which took the takes to nine, which was deemed as best. Please Mr. Postman is the debut single of The Marvelettes, featured in the band’s debut album Please Mr. Postman (1961).. Although they performed well, they were required to come back with their own original song. La canción 'Please Mr. Postman' está acreditada al grupo The Marvelettes siendo popularizada posteriormente por The Beatles. / Oh yes, wait a minute, Mister Postman / (Wait!) September 9th, 2009 was also the date the box set “The Beatles In Mono” was released which features a striking remastered mono version of the song. 6. It is used by the Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show to introduce their Listener Mail segment, and was sung by the presenters of British Saturday morning show SMTV Live to introduce the mailbag section. An interesting note is Lennon’s choosing to chop off the last syllable of the cute lyric “deliver the letta, the sooner the bet…” to allow for him to lead off the “wait a minute” melody line for a third alternate refrain. Actually all of you are very wrong, my grandma, Carolyn Phole, wrote the song. Capitol Records didn’t think so. • New Zealand singer Lyn Barnett had a Top 10 hit with it in 1962. On The Marvelettes record you will see the songwriting credit as “Dobbins/Garrett/Brianbert,” but on the label of The Beatles version of the song you will see “Holland” as the songwriter. "Please Mr. Postman" is a song written by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Freddie Gorman, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman. An interesting mystery surrounding “Please Mister Postman” is the actual identity of the songwriter or songwriters. The 1976 Beatles discography book All Together Now credits the songwriting to Holland, Bateman, and Berry Gordy. Written by. The Song, "Please Mr. Postman" was originally sang by The Marvelettes. The Marvelettes' version later appeared in a bar fight scene in the film Mean Streets (1973), directed by Martin Scorsese. The Beatles Cover is on the "With The Beatles" album. The November 15th, 2004 box set ". The same studio team (along with the mysterious B.T.) A music video of the song, filmed in Disneyland, can be found on the DVD Gold: Greatest Hits (released in 2002), originally packaged as Yesterday Once More (released on VHS and LaserDisc in 1985). And you better believe they included “Please Mister Postman” on that next release, “The Beatles’ Second Album.”. The song was originally written by William Garnet, he then gave it to Georgia Dobbins of the Marvelettes who then rewrote it. These tape cartidges did not have the capability to include entire albums, so two truncated four-song versions of "The Beatles Second Album" were released in this portable format, "Please Mr. Postman" being on both of these releases. ^shipments figures based on certification alone, Picture sleeve for the 1964 Swedish single release, The Complete Motown Singles Vol. They immediately made the song theirs in Liverpool." Preceding this pattern is a short introduction, and then an alternate refrain is repeated three times after the pattern. The fifth and final “girl group” song The Beatles picked to record professionally was also the biggest hit they chose. Therefore, this album is said to be the rarest and most valuable Beatles album in the “Original Master Recording” series. Robert Bateman, Brian Holland, William Garrett, Georgia Dobbins, Freddie Gorman. The Beatles took pride in their recordings, whether it was newly written originals or well loved cover versions. It … They included the song on their December 2nd, 1963 album release "Beatlemania!, With The Beatles" as well as placing it on the B-side of their December 9th single "Roll Over Beethoven." Although Gladys Horton ended up singing lead on “Please Mr. Postman,” Georgia Dobbins was gratefully still credited as co-author of the song, which spent a week at number one on the Billboard pop charts (as well as the R&B charts) in December of 1961. Brian Holland and Robert Bateman, known collectively as “Brianbert,” joined Motown as songwriters, producers and engineers in 1961. His name was Freddie Gorman and his mail route included Brewster public housing where members of The Supremes lived. The Carpenters' version resembles an old 1950s rock & roll song. Sung by John Lennon, their version reverses the genders. As a semi-pro group, The Four Jays would take a month to start playing a new song really well." To highlight the fact that the Canadian "Roll Over Beethoven" single was now available in the US, they included both sides of that disc on the American EP "Four By The Beatles," released on May 11th, 1964. She was 78. Coda: D You better wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah), Bm Wait a minute, wait a minute. Paul McCartney and George Harrison prov… This third alternate refrain simply repeats the “wait a minute” vocals in mostly three-part harmony, which then segues into what would be a fourth alternate refrain, except that the song immediately fades out before it can get very far. The song was originally a blues tune written by William Garrett, who gave it to his friend Georgia Dobbins, a founding member of the Marvelettes who left the group before that song was recorded. Songwriting credits for "Please Mr. Postman" seem to have changed over the years. Please Mr. Postman. Laquan from Birmingham, Al I think both versions are classics Jake from New Haven, Ct Anyone who says Beatles did it better is crazy. Chorus 3: D Mr. Postman, look and see, Bm Is there a letter in your bag for me? They also performed the song three separate times during live performances on the BBC. Please Mister Postman Lyrics: (Wait!) The single was released in late 1974, reached number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Easy Listening charts in January 1975,[18] and was the duo's 10th and final million-selling single. Sign Up Below for our MONTHLY BEATLES TRIVIA QUIZ! What is quite common about this song in regards to pop music of the 50’s and early 60’s is the repeating four chord pattern, which encompasses every section of the song (except the introduction). The Man", List of cover versions of ”Please Mr. Postman”, Interpretations: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Carpenters with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, There's a Kind of Hush (All Over the World), Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Please_Mr._Postman&oldid=1001152494, Song recordings produced by George Martin, Songs written by Robert Bateman (songwriter), Certification Table Entry usages for United Kingdom, Pages using certification Table Entry with streaming figures, Certification Table Entry usages for United States, Pages using certification Table Entry with shipments figures, Pages using certification Table Entry with shipments footnote, Pages using certification Table Entry with streaming footnote, Singlechart usages for Canadaadultcontemporary, Singlechart usages for Billboardadultcontemporary, Certification Table Entry usages for Canada, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Brianbert (Brian Holland & Robert Bateman), Though the composition is not related to the song, the title was referenced by, The song provides the melody for the 2017 hit single ", This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 13:16. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1961 Vinyl release of Please Mr. Postman / So Long Baby on Discogs. While his vocal delivery on ". This album included "Please Mister Postman" and was prepared utilizing half-speed mastering technology from the original master tape on loan from EMI. By May 5, that year, her version was at no. September 9th, 2009 was also the date the box set “The Beatles In Mono” was released which features a striking remastered mono version of the song. Sometime in 1967, Capitol released Beatles music on a brand new but short-lived format called "Playtapes." Ava DuVernay Reveals All In New NMAAHC Film", "The Marvelettes Please Mr. Postman Chart History", "100 Greatest Girl Group Songs of All Time: Critics' Picks", https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/obituary/8471293/eddie-willis-motown-funk-brothers-dead, "The Marvelettes Chart History (Hot 100)", Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs - Please Mr. Postman The Marvelettes Chart History, "British single certifications – Marvelettes – Please Mr Postman", "American single certifications – The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman", Recording Industry Association of America, "Swedish Charts 1962–March 1966/Kvällstoppen – Listresultaten vecka för vecka > Juni 1964", The Irish Charts – Search Results – Please Mr. Postman", Dutchcharts.nl – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", Charts.nz – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", Swisscharts.com – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", "Carpenters Chart History (Adult Contemporary)", Offiziellecharts.de – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", "Item Display - RPM - Library and Archives Canada", "The Official New Zealand Music Chart - NZ End Of Year Charts 1975", "Top 100 Hits of 1975/Top 100 Songs of 1975", "Canadian single certifications – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", "British single certifications – Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", "American single certifications – The Carpenters – Please Mr. Postman", Page 18 Billboard Music Week Hits of the World, New Zealand, "5 things you didn't know about 'Feel It Still' crossovers Portugal. The morning session ran from 10 am to 1:30 pm at EMI Studio Two, after which they left for Playhouse Theatre in London to rehearse and record a performance for the BBC radio show “Saturday Club.” Being that they were very familiar with “Please Mister Postman,” it was a pretty straightforward recording with all four musicians singing and playing live for seven straight takes. [14] Ian MacDonald criticised their version for having a "wall of sound" and for a "general airlessness. “Please Mr. Postman.” Georgia Dobbins, co-writer (16), 1961. Songwriter Georgia Dobbins has expressed that the lyrics are conveying the singer's distraught appeal for the mailman to deliver a letter from her boyfriend who has been away at war. It is the debut single by the Marvelettes for the Tamla (Motown) label, notable as the first Motown song to reach the number-one position on … Garrett only had a small set of lyrics but no melody for a song he titled “Please Mr. Postman” and, when Dobbins asked permission to re-write it to be suitable for a girl group to sing, he agreed as long as he would get credit as a writer. Gladys Horton's charming vocal delivery for The Marvelettes original version suited it very nicely, but The Beatles tightened up the harmonies and performed the song with such confidence it almost makes the original sound like an imitation. Since import copies of this single were so popular in the US, the A-side of the single charted on Billboard at #68 and made both of these songs available in the states only on this single. The Beatles with George Martin in EMI Studio Two, 1963, John Lennon performing with the Beatles at the Casbah Coffee Club, March 1962. It has been stated by some authors that when the cover versions of The Beatles outshine the originals, it was usually because of Lennon.

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