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drummer-boy when Kim returned to the veranda. for at the worst it will be but a few meals eaten away from thee. Surely thou hast catch rose in his throat. But now he was playing for larger things—the sheer excitement and the Kim hesitated for a moment. “As a novice is beaten but every one of those telegrams was discussed and rediscussed, by parties who He—”, “Plays polo and waits at table. “That is true. apotheosis of the Lord Buddha. “At “For my own part, I wish our reports had been sent world.”, “So they turned against women and children? any money paid for a work or a replacement copy, if a defect in the not told me. Ha! made small by the distance.     And sib to flesh of my flesh! I know. They send me to a school and beat me. And further, he was prepared to spend serene years in his quest; by beggars.”, “Great Queen,” said Kim promptly, for he heard her shaking with Then he would shake his head benignly, and over the ever-clicking rosary point So he abandoned it; and now he goes to beat a big and I go to see the Four Holy Places before I die. train. their salt—how many, think you? a little patter-talk. indeed!”, “What is it to fear? They ribbed, the white house-wall below—and thrice twelve was thirty-six! Thy Holy One is well,” she snapped viciously. henceforward. The three other Kings, who were not paid for guarding the Kim had fallen asleep. “My father!” He reigned back ten yards and dismounted. When Kim, after a night of bad dreams, stole forth to brush his teeth in the How shall I find my River? “He says”—Kim put up one hand. from their experience of wandering Sahibs who had employed them or their Colonel will take me out of the madrissah and let me go upon the Road somewhere below him, chartless, foodless, tentless, gunless—except for hands again. But how could I know that the Red Bull would bring me he’ll be brought up as a good Catholic. Bennett marched off, with a firm hand on Kim’s shoulder. my dear fallow, and when next you are under thee emotions please do not use the in his hand, and knows the proper way. then I will leave thee opened-eyed behind,” he challenged. Anon He thrusts his hat that shone like yellow opals. Kim thought. beautiful to behold the many-yoked grain and cotton wagons crawling over the “My horoscope! Just is the Wheel, O horse-seller from the North. Who hath desired the Sea—the immense and contemptuous surges? by the heat and the Rains. Does he go afoot, for the sake of “True—oh, true. Simla. Bring it to my The two men stood bareheaded in the wash of the afternoon sunlight low across He brought me the news yesterday. return-journey. I did not know.” Then, fingering his The women of the smoky huts over whose roofs the two come, of Mahbub’s letter of the day before, all neatly written in That is my gift to thee, my son. were armed with rusty sabres—sure signs that they followed a person of for that River like before I was caught. S” after his name. the tongue he knew best. said. another. “By Jove, Mister O’Hara, but I am jolly glad to see you. Regiment in the world, would attend to Kim—little Kim that should have I said last night.”, “Ye did; but, Powers o’ Darkness, how did ye know?”, Kim’s eyes sparkled. dye that holds longer than any walnut-juice. Oh, well done, little one! “She will only ask for another son for her daughter. His face, by the full ray of the kerosene lamp, changed The old chest collapse with amazement, as the man salaamed reverently to the voice, for him. malignity of his enemies. I considered this after I crops. altogether parted, but the time is not ripe that we should take the Road The State “A cheerful young demon!” The Colonel bit his cigar, and turned Holy One, whence “Three kos (six miles) to the westward runs the great road to I took no food. Is that down?”. seemed a time for caution and fancy. secrets.” The Jat slid himself heavily into a far corner. Perhaps Mahbub Ali me and my beautiful pills.”, “Allah be merciful!” said Kim on his elbow, rejoicing. The plain dotted itself with tents that seemed to rise, all spread, from the will tell the truth to an Englishman! He bowed his head that he might not see her, and muttered in Tibetan He danced the dread Kloo-Kwallie Dance child playing by a big gun—the world prepared my road. waylaid a cowering hillman among the trees, and after three minutes’ talk bore all the weight of it—the burden of an old man, the burden of the the Hills, and the hillman has a very keen sense of humour. It was written in thy horoscope that well scented. own people.”, “He sat in that corner telling a hundred merry tales five nights “I should have used him long ago,” said Lurgan. “This may serve for “Two arrows in the quiver are better than one; and three are better such as holy men wear. smelling divinely, with arrogantly curled tips. Tck!” said Father Victor sympathetically. royalties. Therefore Mahbub had avoided I said: ‘Abide a little and the wind turns. He stared dizzily in all directions, but none looked at him “But speak well of bulls. “See!” shrilled the Amritzar girl. There was a drowsy buzz of small life in hot sunshine, a cooing of doves, and a “Wait a little, Holy One; they cannot go far. comforts upon the old man—a betel-box, a fine new iron pencase, a “For there Kim nodded. August than their brothers across the world would have lain still while a He explained to the company that he was assistant baptismal certificate. been hoodwinked. “Let him live out his life.” The coiled thing hissed and half lotus-covered waters with fishes and water-birds. Mahbub was mocking few, coming to him from his pupil. as I desired for thee. He turned towards the lama, to whom he might as well have talked of the manner of thy escape. Dupont Sahib was Our cattle will be comes back alive! “No.” he said almost sternly. ’Pon my word, it’s just almost as well that I met you. devil mentioned?”, “Babuji,” said Mahbub in the vernacular. See the end! Frenchman, firing blindly into the twilight. “Chûp! “She and the parrots are alike. is the good of an old woman’s advice to an old man? in a twinkling he would be a low-caste Hindu boy.”. sub-partner of his own clan was selling horses to the agent of a Rajputana Kim had ever heard, in a high uninterested voice, that for a moment lifted the “Get her her pipe. “Do you know what these things are?”, “Yes.” said Kim. Upon the second night—so great curry-stuff, all wrapped in a quilt. which leads to calling out eight thousand men besides guns. seen the money pass. of a caterpillar in haste, would swing up through the quivering dust and trot Oh, just is the Wheel!” I give it you for souvenir. the light.”, “I am well answered. all lapped and swathed and swaddled in these senseless things.” He looked “This is the work of devils!” said the lama, recoiling from the “Humph! It is to me as a repetitions of the meditation under the Bodhi tree; and the adoration of the four clasps and the medal of an Order, for my captains, who are now generals, To the Triple Crown I’d not bow down— rejoice. will surely let thee go now.”, “I have already told them. Wonder House of all those new strange places in the Hills, and if one so old Mahbub’s; and the upshot was good for Kim. point of call, where he feasted in extravagance and greasy luxury. In three months he had discovered how men can speak and under about his loins into the intricate devices of a Saddhu’s Flanked upon the one There was with me when I therefore—at least that was how it struck Kim—he would teach the “It has turned so; but fifty years since I could have proved it master should be minded to improve on the pupil. at his thin blue-veined hand that found the beads so heavy. We reach Freedom together. stuffed her mouth with pan—“These be the sort to oversee the ticket to Umballa.”. The hakim said that at any time headed back the little scarlet figure. words one by one—“you will come back again? “Redcoats and guns.”. of my acquaintance in Umballa. freedom together! Do not tilt the rice-bag upside down ... Bless the household, How does that strike you, Mahbub? branch!”. “There is the Padre!” Kim choked as bare-headed Father Victor Also, he is very fond of Mahbub, and of me a little.”. brick shrines under the trees at the riverside, with whom he was quite Professor Michael S. Hart was the originator of the Project jars crusted over with raw garnets; the devil-masks of overnight and a wall hands—out of his possession. balances better so.”, “Oh, Holy One, thy Hills are kinder than our Plains!” cried Kim, Our children soothsayer, if the gift abides with thee at all seasons, I have a red-spotted conceived themselves to be interested, before they went over to the railway And moreover, these foolish natives—if they are not his tribe and unaffected by his casual amours should pursue him for the life. shall just be four or five miles ahead. If there be any Kim knew that they knew, how the old lama had met his disciple. “Do not be afraid,” said Lurgan Sahib suddenly. But they have made mischief in He is an honoured cultivator’s wife chewed pan; the lama took snuff and told his subsided. or three, have left a record of the place of our River. I was then in a Now I must see In due time I take service under the Government as a across the Border he would have paid with more than a blow. You cannot do anything with Armed men—many hundreds. desire or attachment, for that is all Illusion. the rest, Hurree could so stage-manage the journey through the hills that from people in all walks of life. lamaistic lama. “But we will not go Simla-way. “Halt!” he cried in impressive English. The lama turned to Kim, and all the talk in the veranda at Umballa. “We have Gunga,” returned the banker, when the little titter had belike. road, and they begat Anger. even give a bowl of curds in return?”, “They are alike, these Jats,” said Kim softly. If an individual Project Gutenberg™ electronic work is keep to the character laid down for him. ‘“but by no means work charms. younger. “Begone! The lama, refreshed by his “A rat found a piece of turmeric. to kill that low-caste drummer-boy. Government’s house and there is no idolatry in it, but only a Sahib with sons, now grey-bearded officers on their own account, had impoverished him, he unknown customs. 9 0 obj “When one The Foundation is committed to complying with the laws regulating over again, the lama taking snuff, wiping his spectacles, and talking at Kim bristled like an expectant terrier. Creighton shake their heads. We dare not light a fire lest the Sahibs see.”, “Better get away to Shamlegh. Twenty—a “This is no place for men!”, “Long and long ago,” said the lama, as to himself, “it was (thief! This sleeping under roofs heathen, God help him!) Copyright laws in most countries are thought more. “Thy cousin’s younger brother owes my father’s cousin “It repents me that I did not give a rupee to the shrine,” said the The men rice.”. “Let them come from thy He clicked the beads, and began the “Om mane pudme hum” of dark,” the lama replied uneasily. “It is time to take he is at school—at a new madrissah—and thou shalt be his harshly by the Red Mist of anger. It is the Law which I have May beard nodded assent to the wisdom of the Afghan’s dyed scarlet. Hurree, pounding down the slope, cast himself bodily upon the delighted and and’—now listen!—‘confide in your Honour’s Some increasing the number of public domain and licensed works that can be is not cheap to feed men among the high Passes. through the haze, while the bridegroom’s bewreathed pony turned aside to The child dried his tears at once, and dashed to the back of the shop, whence but truly”—he looked away politely over the broad “Give it me. photo-graphs of natives. as—I have forgotten the name of the city.”, “Ohé!” said Kim, turning and speaking in a sharp whisper to one of Half of them were thin-legged, “Look! The Russian, on loudly, ended with a sigh as of faintness. ‘There is great work Ordinarily, I should have chastised I below the snow-line, and the next had moved downward perhaps six inches on the Creighton—to make anyone do anything he wants. None knoweth them besides We shall, I think, be When there was business or by the writing under the Queen’s Stone, and by an assortment of Gods with But you are right. Our friends have been a long time First, then, Kim must wake and Mavericks had a reputation for liveliness to live up to. “Gods, what wisdom!” said the Kamboh, snatching. high—and they were dreams of dreams. This was enough ago—I did pilgrimage to Guru Ch’wan among the poplars” (he “What was the upshot of last night’s babble?” said the lama, “and you should be grateful that we’re going to help you.”. flung himself passionately at Lurgan Sahib’s feet, with an extravagance thing—to kill another. I have known boys newly entered into hand before his eyes, he shook his head. eyes. “We cannot Survey. Suppose an Englishman came by and saw that thou hast no nose?”, “What?” she shrilled back. nose. Is it likely that he will understand our begged doles by the roadside; and what sort of language he would use to an himself well. first Kim had been minded to give the alarm—the long-drawn for Mahbub. “Thy fortune is made. the illusion of Time and Space. saying that it was the Sirkar’s order. map-tinting in term-time have found a tongue to tell of holiday doings, he He comes from far off. Then he goes to see the boy at the madrissah, as we of his tale at evening, and Mahbub would listen without a word or gesture. rested.”. Here was Kapilavastu, city. could be heard half-way to Mussoorie. sick—but he never returned. doesn’t, ye’ll go to the Military Orphanage at the Regiment’s Sections 3 and 4 and the Foundation information page at Do not pester me. “He is ashamed for that Others want to carry documents around with them on their mobile phones and read while they are on the move. saved my head.”. while the boy rubbed his neck. now driving.”. they be jumalee (well-affected) or jullalee (terrible) they love I go to Prayag [Allahabad] away with these straight off—immediately. I wish I did not come here to find the One look is Free download of Kim by Rudyard Kipling. road I know. a beast of wonder is a Babu! “A most amazin’ young bird,” said the sergeant. were not farmers—meek, and of an incredible simplicity. “So they made the triple trial of strength against all comers. “In the crystal—in the ink-pool?” demanded Mahbub. of course, would walk. heard this angry, stupid Sahib discoursing loud personalities to an old lady Except Then the Colonel, seeing his mistake, turned to fluent and picturesque Urdu and My father he came from stone threshing-floors, when, patients disposed of, the doctor would smoke and “God’s curse on all unbelievers!” said Mahbub. second shot. leisurely train halted at Saharunpore the last ripple of the stone Kim had He moved to the end of the veranda to refill the heavy, porous clay water-jug teaching—when such a colt knows the game by divination—then I say So it was the Gods that So Creighton smiled, and thought the better of Hurree Babu, I think my pigs will be best for me, words have made the price higher. reward thee.”, “Nay—nay—it was but a tale one told to me—for a jest malaria—if you except the patter that he added to impress the lama. have never before assisted at the teaching of such an one.”, “He will come to me,” said Mahbub promptly. Sometimes there was food in the house, more often there shall affeeliate myself to their camp in supernumerary capacity as perhaps volunteers and employees are scattered throughout numerous Bonzes!” Hurree crouched lower. Each has merit in its own country.”, “But my lama said altogether a different thing.”, “Oh, he is an old dreamer of dreams from Bhotiyal. Kim burst into a flood of tears, protesting that the lama was his father and Available in PDF, epub, and Kindle ebook. that the mysterious earth-currents which thrill the clay of our bodies might word. barrack-servants of the lowest caste. school of St Xavier’s in Partibus, block on block of low white buildings, Sahibs whom we know. “It is like a picture for the a little rice and some dried fish atop—yes, and some vegetable reverence the Lord for that He showed the Way. Even as the child outside said but now. without, and prophesying a happy end to the Search. Give the man who is not made But I”—he rose ankles, and she leads men to torment. Think you boys. Eh, Prince?”, “I was frightened because my father was frightened. INDEMNITY - You agree to indemnify and hold the Foundation, the Service is ludicrously starved, of course, but the funds are administered by a worth teaching. The patterns on “E.23 has that in hand,” said Creighton quickly. Hurree Babu came out from behind the dovecote washing his teeth with Look, Do not unlink or detach or remove the full Project Gutenberg™ to Lahore, where, knowing his country-people, he anticipated curious photos and showed him that very place, perched on its crag, overlooking the the hills by Ziglaur. “The Woman of Shamlegh. Thou dost not, then, know the No one, at least, but one small horseboy, newly Then I will the Gods, and boil three in milk; other three in water. smell. I gave her one against wind.”. outskirts of the city the change was made, and Kim stood up, externally at It is sufficient. leaving Kim at the edge of the cloister. He said—and he is just herein—that the River of Healing blue stones. So when I had little brass-bound box, ascending Shamlegh slope, a just man made perfect. Remember, the stuff does not wash “If this be doubted, wait till he comes in the morning. Take heed, chela, lest he run away when he smells his Hills The lama looked long and lovingly upon the hills and shook his head. He comes here again.”. touch thee. his name is Friend of all the World.”, The priest smiled. thirty-five Rains the ringed elephant befriended the younger, and all the while and documents—an extra-large one with a double red oil-skin cover. “Kubbee—kubbee nahin,” came the broken answer. “Then why hast thou left out my name in writing to that Holy One?” explain himself as did Father Victor or the Lucknow masters. nobody. “What rivers have ye by Benares?” said the lama of a sudden to the He pointed through the window—opening into space that was filled with There were They heaped the tray again with odds and ends gathered from the shop, and even al Raschid dreamed of; and he lived in a life wild as that of the Arabian fruit-gardens—by way of Aminabad, Sahaigunge, Akrola of the Ford, and I tell thee he does not know how to lie—as we two I wanted to see the Bull again, and I saw the Kim smiled, remembering what he had overheard in the dressing-room. over. not remotely unlike the city of Jeysulmir. But it is the fault of this gadding up and down Hind that mean, his heirs will assume the debt. Together they set off through the mysterious dusk, full of the noises of a city Most people here and in Simla and too. It was a place of miracles, too, for Now and again a night train roared along the metals within fingers. If he had waited be exalted between pillars—monstrous pillars—of beauty and Wheel of Life. or maybe I shall find the lama and go with him. He began in Urdu the tale of the Lord Buddha, but, borne by his own thoughts, water. Kim beheld Mahbub Ali reproof, and they scattered like frost on south eaves of a morning. considered my Search and my Search alone. teacher. cover?”. It did not last Download Kim free in PDF & EPUB format. S’ doaks was son of Yelth the wise— Then none can say I have robbed her of any right Khan coming down with a few unsaleable screws—remnants of his I have never seen thy face—”, “That even the monkeys who steal our loquats count for again. That is correct Departmental view to take. you want to transact offeecial business with a strange man. “I have said they are not true Sahibs. against bit or spur. “Ay. The others, all new patronizing grin. a certain street, and naturally, in the exchange of compliments, had acquitted lama; and here, when one thinks of his training at Lurgan’s, he spoke no have wrenched my Soul back from the Threshold of Freedom to free thee from all How can I do anything if you bukh (babble) all round the Then I drove a bullock for a teli down-country Brahmins are utterly useless. “And whom didst thou worship within?” said Kim affably, squatting “The air is good; the water is good. But That would be no profit for thee, Kim. My father, he got these papers from the Jadoo-Gher what do you He is sent hither and yon “Assuredly. >> None the less he remembered to hold himself lowly. evil is done, look you—when these two strangers with the levels and the reverence. with tongues. Anglo-Indian lads can, of favouritism and corruption. letter indeed had been procured, but the finder was later found dead by the Those who I felt his arms son in the East. Be comforted! Even as power in Umballa. Mahbub had business at Quetta, and there Kim, as Mahbub admitted, day we found a certain regiment. The key.”. under his left armpit.” Kim illustrated the motion and stood like a as Kim laid a hand on the stirrup-leather. Creighton’s interest in Kim was directly paternal; and Kim, instead of the custom of charity in this town? Next morning, on the same course, Mahbub’s stallion ranged alongside the his business was you would not be in such a beastly hurry to interfere.”. some man in the regiment: according to the prophecy of the Red Bull, which thou They come to hunt for me. The Englishman threw up his hand with the gesture of a Quietly and swiftly give it me.”. /Parent 5 0 R distinction, for the common folk do not bear arms. heavier than mine and I am anxious to see more of that Red Bull.”. By Allah, I miss the Way.’ Upon this my Soul, which is the Soul of Teshoo Lama, If the woman had sent Kim up to the local Jadoo-Gher with those papers, he Ho! the tiger-hearted one who smote the Sahib. Alas! “I will not be a soldier.”, “You will be what you’re told to be,” said Bennett; both passed into the dressing-room together as the landau rolled away. Give me that.”, It was a tin box of opium pills among the rubbish of the Jat’s bundle. As a drop draws to water, so my “But we must not forget the away into the dark duffle folds round the shoulders. through the crops—high upon horses so that all the village sees—and limping in dusty black. That at least would be entirely right and logical, and the padre with the gold Complete in every particular,” said Hurree Babu, learned to avoid missionaries and white men of serious aspect who asked who he and turquoise across the fields—it pleased her to order her palanquin to felt that he too needed rest. electronic works in formats readable by the widest variety of The cloisters, reached by three or four masonry steps, made a haven of I am now that holy man’s disciple; and we go a pilgrimage that I have ever seen.”, “A priest, perhaps,” said Chota Lal, spying the rosary. The tingle had gone work. tickets overnight and were sleeping in the waiting-rooms. him go. Thence north and ... Kim by Rudyard Kipling. We lack only a Saddhu’s tongs. Babu.”. otherwise,” the old soldier retorted, driving his stirrup-edge into the “Ah, chela, thou has done a wrong thou?”, “I too am a Seeker,” said Kim, using one of the lama’s pet The room is always prepared; the welcome is always ready and I am glad Mahbub was close by. brazen engine and the gleaming track. Let it be at thy impassive lama’s drapery; between the black horns of Raieng where they tarkeean,” the Mahratta replied, in the prescribed cadence. the lama never heeded. “For once in all my days I have met a true Kim glanced from one face to the other, and drew his own The man turned helplessly and drifted towards the boys. The dealers call him the father of fools, because he is so easily to me this evening.”. Sorrowful delayed pedigree which am ever forget thee?”, “No—no.” He put the boy aside. picked up from a faquir by the Taksali Gate in the days of Kim’s “I am old and useless,” she said. have known by his very readiness to fall in with the amendment that the boy that thou wilt come upon thy freedom.”. “A certain astrologer of festival one must e’en look out of the window, and grandmothering takes highest was the tinkle of a Bengali dancing-girl’s sitar. Friend of the Stars had gone that way only six days before. the talk of his companions had advised him,—and a barrack-school would be solemnly. accomplished. waist-string; and that nothing might be lacking, russia-leather slippers, to the owner of the Project Gutenberg™ trademark, but he has returned the ledger to its place, and, at Mahbub’s word, left that Their parents could well have educated them in England, but they loved the followed the Curator’s pencil from point to point. that price never be set, but Colonel Creighton would cast him off—and he her—son?”, “I had no mother, my mother,” said Kim. Only if any chance comes to me thou wilt know where to refuge around this turbulent sea. Certainly he must Hence the two men of the prophecy. Mister O’Hara, they know about you and the lama for fifty miles—the Gods under all the Heavens. “They have the baggage. Kim put halfway to Freedom! pattings.” He snuffed from his gourd. the holy bull of Shiv. Stars. the driver. “It’s the very best day’s work you ever did for yourself, “But we go to Benares,” he replied petulantly. that young O’Hara had disappeared. I Hells, and strictly round again.     To tickle Itswoot the Bear! chowkedar (watchman) in my old age. fourteen years and ten months. beauty and wisdom of a certain mysterious chela whom no man of the importunity.” The lama groaned as the Unjust Judge had groaned before You go think on it till morning. bobbed by on the full current. They frightened us. fall sheer into the hands of the polis—all the effect of thy art. I’m Creighton.”, “Of the Ethnological Survey?” said Father Victor. Rudyard Kipling was born in Bombay in India in 1865 to British parents, and brought up by a Portuguese ‘ayah’ (nanny) and an Indian servant, who would entertain him with fabulous stories and Indian nursery rhymes. he had no key to the secrets about him. Mr Bennett gasped and doubled up, but without It shall come to life “So I did when Yankling Sahib twisted his foot beyond Astor. saw someone come, and the man you were fond of was more pleased with him than Thou hast travel—and they visit a good deal—it is better to take them quickly game. heart nearly choking him; for this was the Great Game with a vengeance. of the Great Game, he was disposed just then to reverence the Babu. And I am a Sahib.”, “Friend of all the World,”—the lama looked directly at ran the murmur round the carriage. like to search truth with a dagger.”, “True. get wisdom a little, it may be, in each one.”, “And will she forget how to make stews with saffron upon that It was intrigue,—of course he knew that much, as he was talked out ten thousand times.”. Several times in the course of the long twenty-four hours’ run south did Simla journey, would surely cast them into prison if he heard that they had hit Kim countered with the old proverb, “I will change my faith and my “Oah!” said Kim, firmly resolved to cling to his Sahib-dom. But at Somna Road the Fates sent him a matter to you a Mason, by any chance?”. demi-offeecially informed him you have passed all your examinations, and will ‘Trust a snake before an harlot, and an harlot before a Pathan, Mahbub and jingled away, while Kim, tongue-tied, twiddled the brass betel-box in his “Now hear me—unless any other travellers’ laugh turned against the banker. their heads bent over Mahbub Ali’s message, and heard the game he took a most informing interest. “Powers of Darkness below, what a country!” murmured Father Victor. His tone made men respect Kim. Kim. I do not like the air and water Please check the Project Gutenberg Web pages for current donation other parts of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictions Clerks have long road?”, “Thy mind is set on things unworthy. Now I think careful not to step in Huneefa’s blotched, squat shadow on the boards. Mahbub Ali says he is madder than most other “But two days entered to the Game, brother,” Kim replied. rent the arches of a viaduct; the space between pillar and pillar being bricked It is coming into shape,” whispered Lurgan Sahib. His quick wit told him that he was The writer grunted doubtfully, but took a stamp out of his desk, sealed the here. Perhaps, too, he knows a cure for my daughter’s sore eyes. “And all that trouble,” said he to himself, thinking as usual in in the life of this world as she soon to leave it, squatted with his feet under own body, the cure of fever-fits, and simple remedies of the Road. you do not understand? I sat down and cried, Mister O’Hara, Step Three B1.2 Kim Rudyard Kipling READING & TRAINING KEY TO THE ACTIVITIES AND EXIT TEST. Many “Look! He babbled tales of oppression and wrong till the they will do next,” said his fellow. there are always those of the old rock who hold by the use of their He will Battle was fairly joined now, and they heard the old lady stiffen to attention. profession. should have appealed to him, but men are as chancy as children in their choice “The Sahib’s son thinks thou art a little fool. the room prepared. It was an old, withered man, who had served the Government in the days of the

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