scientific name of pea plant

The protocol for naming species was invented in the 1700s by Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus. sativum var. The first two come from figures out of Greek mythology. endobj MULTILINGUAL MULTISCRIPT PLANT NAME DATABASE. Uses. Orobus americanus Mill. The butterfly pea (Clitoria ternatea L.) is a vigorous, trailing, scrambling or climbing tropical legume.Its sparsely pubescent stems are sub-erect and woody at the base and may be up to 5 m long. Common Name: Everlasting Pea, Perennial Sweet Pea. The genus name “Clitoria” comes from the Greek word “kleitoris,” which refers to the shape of the flower resembling female genitalia, and “mariana” possibly refers to a woman Linnaeus was courting when he named this plant. sairam22 04.01.2018 Biology Secondary School +5 pts. 1 0 obj What is the scientific name or taxonomic classification of the poisonous plant Everlasting pea? It is consumed on a large scale in South Asia and is a major source … This would apply to whole crop forage of coloured-flowered varieties, including mature seeds (Rondahl, 2004). The binomial system of nomenclature is structured so that the scientific name of a plant consists of two names: (1) the genus or generic name, and (2) the specific epithet or species name. Botanical Name of Important Legumes | Common, Scientific & Indian (Hindi ) Name, Botanical Name with Family, Special Features of species. This plant is called मटर in Hindi, μπιζέλι in Greek, ervilha in Portuguese and groch in Polish. Since its domestication in the Indian subcontinent at least 3,500 years ago, its seeds have become a common food in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The plants will grow in a wide range of soils, from sandy soil to clay and also in soils with low fertility. A-Z sorted by Scientific Names | A-Z sorted by Common Names | A-Z sorted by Family. The following codes are used today: 1. Find an answer to your question what is the scientific name of pea plant? Common Name: Winter Austrian Pea Scientific Name: Pisum sativum L. ssp. The common name is widely used everywhere. Garden Pea in Spanish can be different from Garden Pea in English. A few names on this list will fascinate those interested in the derivation of plant names: Achillea millefolium, Adonis amurensis, and Bougainvillea. Sugar Snap Pea genus and other classification is necessary information to know for every botanist. ... Flat-podded snow pea, Snow pea, Edible-podded pea, Eat-all pea (USA), Chinese pea. Rebecca McGee, USDA-ARS. 2 0 obj Its full scientific name is Pisum sativum. Centrosema pubescens Benth. The Laurentii is capitalized because it is a proper noun (a last name) in honor of the person who discovered the plant. The main purpose of having a scientific name is to have a same name accepted and used worldwide. Sugar Snap Pea plant clade, plant tribe and order fall under the scientific classification of Sugar Snap Pea. Major Toxicity: These plants may cause serious illness or death. Distributed worldwide, members of the family are generally characterized by compound leaves and the production of fruits known as legumes. The New Zealand Tea Tree is an evergreen plant known by the scientific name, Leptospermum scoparium. Gom Wheat Triticum aestivum Poaceae (Gramineae) 3. x��=is�F��]���/;%N��g6�*��+[I�k{&�5� K(C�"R�I~���o ${wRC�D����>���w�?|��_'��i����价��r����ϟ ��U�d�_^$E�I��T%���Ͼ�����6���ϒ7?�J���^~���"��,O>~�O$��ҬH*��:� ��4�jx��"����y�����$��I>���go ���Ҧ`�J��N;�UF��,�V�IYװ�����WY�f�r���Jk�x7�7��|��v�O>\u�>L*gB�:K� Help. 3 0 obj Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS ... Fabaceae ⁄ Leguminosae – Pea family Genus: Galactia P. Br. Log in. Pisum sativum L. Preferred Common Name. Gartner worked with plants in his experiments, including peas, which may have inspired Mendel to work with the same plant. The plants will grow in a wide range of soils, from sandy soil to clay and also in soils with low fertility. Datasheet Type(s): Host Plant, Exclude from ISC. Plants within this subfamily generally have fluffy pom-pom-like inflorescences. Ask your question. The pigeon pea, also known as pigeonpea, red gram, tur, pwa kongo in Haiti, guandú and frijol de palo in Ibero-America, or as gungo peas in Jamaica, is a perennial legume from the family Fabaceae. The scientific name of Cowpea is the botanical name or formal name. The common name of this plant in Spanish is guisante. There are six kingdoms: Plantae, Animalia, Fungi, Protista, Archaea/Archaeabacteria and Bacteria Eubacteria. Here is the list of scientific name of Man, Animal, Fruit, Plant, Vegetables, Spices etc. Moulds. The seeds are high in fiber and protein and are a good source of iron, phosphorus, and folic acid. You can also know the Garden Pea Scientific Classification which will help you gain the botanical information about the plant.

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